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Spiritualized Record An Album…With Bees!?

Bees? Oh Spiritualized! You so crazy!


Spiritualized are to feature on the soundtrack to a new installation by artist Wolfgang Buttress.

While there’s nothing new about musicians teaming up with contemporary artists, this one is definitely a little different. Jason Pierce and his ever revolving lineup are to contribute to an album featuring bees.

One is the companion soundtrack to Buttress’ UK Pavilion, a giant honeycomb, and features the band improvising along to the sounds of actual bees. The musicians improvised in the key of D along to the beehive audio feed. Also on the album are Amiina, Youth (Killing Joke), cellist Deirdre Bencsik, and vocalist Camille Buttress.

On the 18th and 19th of February a 12 piece band of musicians involved in the album will perform at Nottingham Arts Center in what is being described as a “multi-sensory experience”. You can hear a sample of the album below…


01 The Journey
02 Into
03 The Hive
04 Uplift

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