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See You On The Flipside | HTF Staff Choose Their Fave B-Sides

What’s your favourite B-Side? We take our pick right here!

‘Woman Like A Man’ – Damien Rice

First things first, I’ll admit, I’m that kind of hipster that always talks about how the B-side of a single was better than it’s A-side counterpart. The guy who was into that band before they were big (except when I say it, I genuinely mean it) and how much better they used to be. Yeah, that’s me! So when I was asked to choose my favourite B- side, it was a pretty tough decision to make. However, there has been one that has always stood out to me, my favourite B-side of all time. That B-Side is entitled ‘Woman Like A Man’ and it was created by Irish singer/songwriter, Mr. Damien Rice.

With an entire LP dedicated to just his B-sides, this song was a real stand-out on a fantastic album which is a must own for fans who know their ‘Greatest Bastard‘ from their ‘Blowers Daughter‘. A fierce and furious track, seemingly written about sexual frustration and a seemingly violent relationship or BDSM fantasy between a couple, told from the perspective of the seemingly frustrated half of the couple (or is it even a couple? The unclear nature of the lyrics could even suggest towards the character the song is held in the perspective of being purely fantasising… scary stuff!).

The song makes use of heavy-handed acoustic guitar work, a fantastic build in suspense, climaxing in a full on, hit-you-in-the-face-with-a-bag-of-concrete spectacle. The acoustic guitar centralised instrumentation and addition of a sterling second vocal performance from Lisa Hannigan, just adds a complex and gorgeous depth to an already stellar song. Why this was a B-side and not an album track is an absolute mystery to me!

Mitch Emery – Electronic Writer

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