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See You On The Flipside | HTF Staff Choose Their Fave B-Sides

What’s your favourite B-Side? We take our pick right here!

 ‘Rock Around The Clock‘ – Bill Haley & The Comets

Over 25 million records sold on this single alone, the anthem for 50’s teenage rebellion (kinda like Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit of the 50’s) and in the process caused considerable carnage whenever played live back in its heyday. The song that brought rock and roll culture kicking and dragging in to the mainstream eye!

Originally the B-Side to Thirteen Women (And Only One Man In Town) back in 1954, it was only when ‘Rock Around The Clock’ was used as the opening credits in the film ‘Blackboard Jungle’ that things slowly took a meteoric rise in fame.

In the process it influenced a whole range of musicians including Dave Gilmour, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Isley Brothers, Chas Hodges, and many more. It also has been used countless times in film and media circles, more notably it was the original theme song for the first two seasons of ‘Happy Days‘!

James Matthews – Electronic Editor

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