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Plans For All Albums To Be Globally Released On Fridays

Plans have been proposed for albums all across the globe to be released on Fridays. Read more here!

Plans are underway to see albums released on the same day across the globe.

Industry sources have confirmed that the  plans are to begin the procedure in July 2015. Album release days are currently set to Mondays in the UK, Tuesdays in the US and Fridays in Australia.

Discussions are suggesting the global album release day to be Fridays. These plans are in action in an attempt to restric global piracy, with albums being available illegally online before their regional release date.

Whilst it has been proposed that Friday will be the chosen day, some smaller labels have opposed the ideas as they believe that consumers are more likely to buy albums at the beginning of the week.

Whilst the plans have not been fully confirmed, sources from the IFPI (which represents the recording industry worldwide) and the RIAA (the Recording Industry Association of America) state that the plans are likely to go ahead.

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