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Is Paul McCartney Actually Dead? We Compile The “Evidence” From A YouTube Documentary We Found!

We decided to seriously discuss the theories in “Paul Is Dead” doc, The Winged Beatle. We took it really seriously…

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. We’ve heard it all before. Paul McCartney died in a car crash and was secretly replaced by a doppelganger back in the 60’s. We all know it was bullshit, but it’s sometimes fun to play along with the batshit insane theories of people who also believe that the illuminati rule the world, the queen is a reptile and Justin Bieber actually releases good music.

But then we caught this informative documentary on YouTube. It’s called The Winged Beatle and it’s obviously true because it’s on the internet, and it’s a video and stuff.

But we understand if you’re a little sceptical… so we did you a favour and produced this cribsheet on all the most “convincing” facts within The Winged Beatle that Paul is in fact….dead. We’re on the internet, you can trust us!

Source: Winged Beatle Screenshot

Source: Winged Beatle Screenshot

Just Look At This Face Of Deceit!

We’re only 1:39 into the 100 minute epic that is the extended cut of The Winged Beatle and already we have some compelling evidence. Just look at that face as he jokes about secretly being dead with David Letterman. Maybe this isn’t sarcastic humour at all. His face hints at a dark secret. Like Kanye’s love of butt stuff…but darker than a brown finger.

This is the face of a man who’s knowingly hiding a secret.

That secret being that he’s still getting more action than you at 70+ years old. Yes! That’s certainly the face of a man who has no need for steak and blowjob day.

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