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Matt And Kim | Interview | BottleRock Napa 2014

Matt and Kim took the time to sit and speak with us at Bottlerock Napa 2014 about naked wine drinking and new album progress! Hear what they had to say here!

Source: Official Facebook / Caleb Kuhl

We at Hit The Floor Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Indie duo Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino (aka Matt & Kim) after their fantastic performance at BottleRock Napa 2014. The duo performed at the second annual event set in the gorgeous wine country of Napa California. It was their first time performing at the festival. They were gracious enough to take the time out sit and chat with us amidst several other boisterous bands who were playing at the time. We discuss naked wine drinking, new album, crazy merch and where to hide Tofurkey.

If you didn’t get the chance to watch them play at BottleRock, don’t fret, theres still time to catch them at one of their many other US tour stops. You can check out more from the band at

Source: Official Facebook

HTF: Kim, You posted a photo on your Facebook of you warming up for the festival with some naked wine drinking. Is that standard practice for you?

Matt: The four bottles..

Kim: I will say, when drinking wine, I get a little crazier, than if it’s like beer or..

Matt: It’s her drink of choice, we call it ‘mama’s  juice’

Kim: It is my favorite drink of choice

HTF: Is there a particular wine you prefer?

Kim: No, but it’s usually red

Matt: But yeah, the four bottles… yeah

Kim: I like when we put it up on instagram and there were a lot posts that said, I would need a lot more than four bottles to cover.

Matt: Thats true, Kim could have covered it with one bottle

HTF: What’s your favorite wine for a festival?

Kim: Here’s the thing about wine, I mean it’s like, it’s either a Merlot or Malbec. I feel like knowing wines is kinda like when people don’t know bands album titles anymore.You know the song, but whats the album called? And I kinda feel thats me with wines. I’m like oh, thats a great wine, but I never remember the name.

HTF: Your last album Lighting was released back in 2012. Will you be hitting the recording studio soon for your next LP?

M&K: Yes, all this winter, we’ve been at home writing and doing trips out to LA working with different producers. But the thing is, a lot of songs were finished like a half a year ago, a long time before the world actually gets to hear them. So even though we’re working on music now, I don’t know when it’s going to come out, which sucks because you get so excited about it and you just want the world to hear it. Then you have to wait, but we’ll see.

HTF: I guess all the fans will have to just wait patiently for your next album

M&K: It will be hopefully sometime soon, hopefully this year, but we’re going to go with next year!

HTF: Your last album, Lightning was self produced and recorded by the two of you. But what made you decide to forego the traditional route of recording and producing in a studio?

M&K: We’re control freaks, in a really bad way. I mean we did our grand album ourselves. We went to Matt’s parents, parents house in Vermont and we were up there for like two or three months. We had no idea what we were doing. We recorded an album and we have a song on there called ‘Daylight‘, which I have a platinum recording hanging on my wall from, we recorded in my childhood bedroom, with all my skateboarding pictures. Given the success that got, we were like, so now what does a “professional band” do, I put that in finger quotes, for those who can’t see.. So the next album, we went in with a producer, and it just wasn’t the perfect fit, there was a little head butting. It’s like a date where he’s a great guy, but it’s not working out exactly right. So after we had that album, we decided, hell, we did good with the other one we did it ourselves, lets do it again. Rather than working with one person, and putting our eggs in one basket, we’re working with like, a lot of different producers and DJ’s. So we’re just kinda having fun.

HTF: We love the fact that you released some remixes from this album with some popular DJ’s. How was working with them and changing the tracks up:

M&K: Well that’s the thing, as control freaks, it was actually really cool to give the pieces of these songs to DJ’s and see what they come up with. Not to totally give away the control, but like people are a fan of what they make and what not. I thought it was really fun to hear these different interpretations, and we’re connected into the EDM and dance world in certain ways. Like when we play Mad Decent Block Parties or Ultra Miami because we have those electronic elements in our band, theres a little bit of cross over. We’re fans of  a lot of electronic dance music. We thought it made sense to reinterpret.

HTF: You now have Matt and Kim pillow cases for sale. Are you planning on being the new Kiss and releasing a ton of novelty merch? Can you ever out-do the Kiss Coffin and Urn set?

M&K: I mean, once we tried to put out, or we made, beer coozies, that cover beer and soda cans and we were like this is a genius item, this is a party item and it’ll keep your hands warm and beers cold…. It didn’t sell like we had hoped. But I think that was one of our ends to our real novelty items. But we did the pillow case, which was funny. But it’s funny, our friends Flostradomus, the merch that they create and sell is massive and they really branded themselves in a good way.

HTF: So whatever ended up happening with the Tofurkey from the scene of your documentary? There seemed to be an endless supply!!

M&K: So basically, on tour we shot some bits and part of it was that we had talked about asking for a package of Tofrukey as part of our rider. But our tour manager, he thinks more in the metric system, put the amount as grams. 250grams of torfrukey is one package and they thought it was 250 ounces!!! Each package is 5 ounces! They got confused. So We ended up hiding some with our opening band on tour. We hid it in their dressing room, or their car. They’re still finding some now.

HTF: So what are you plans for the rest of the year?

M&K: We’re still doing a lot of summer festivals and still recording music. We’re kind of in a weird spot where we don’t know when music is coming out, we don’t know when we’re going to stop touring.

HTF: Any last messages you want to send out to your fans?

M&K: I think you’re one of the last ones we get to talk to before we get very wine drunk. This is last cohesive conversation we had of the day at Bottlerock… Right here!

Watch their video of their ‘Lighting’ remixes album teaser below:

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