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Jack White – Lazaretto | Album Review

We checked out Jack White’s 2nd solo album Lazaretto, Check out chat we thought here.

Jack White

Source: Promo/Facebook

Jack White has come a long way since the 1997 The White Stripe days; his debut solo album Blunderbuss, released in 2012, proved that he was a musical mastermind in his own right. So does the highly anticipated second solo album, Lazaretto live up to the hype? We gave it a listen to find out.

The album has been a year in the making, with Jack suffering intense writer’s block, overcome by re-visiting poems and plays he had written when he was 19. White, is the first to admit that his songs are pot luck, a distinct blend of styles and genres. From this stemmed Lazaretto, the title track of which took three hours, 55 minutes and 21 seconds to record and distribute, the fastest production of a record ever. But let’s get back to the album!

The album eases you in with hues of Organs and an energetic drum beat in ‘Three Women’, a story of three women “red, blonde and brunette” that create a bizarre love triangle. It’s an infusion of Deep South twangs and Melodic guitar riffs which still manages to maintain the style from Blunderbuss which fans loved. This is redneck rock at its best. Lethargic in style and hailing back to the great Classic Southern roots, whilst mixing with modern day rock and roll. Picture Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Strokes creating an illegitimate love child.

High Ball Stepper’ is a beast of an instrumental which encompasses the whole essence of the album. Whilst the fiddle and violins are still present, the heavy blue-sy guitar style and haunting howling provided by Lillie Mae Rische really make this interlude something special.

The highlight, the aptly named ‘The Black bat liquorice’ is a fresh and quirky dose of word play.

‘I wanna cut out my tongue and let you hold onto it for me, Cause without my skull to amplify my sounds it might get boring

To sum up Lazaretto, it is an eclectic mix of overlapping genres and styles, a homage to time past, bought into the modern age by White. The sheer amount of different genres; Folk, Blues, Rock, Garage packed into this album means there is pretty much a track that will stand out for everyone. White has proved himself a storyteller in his own right, capable of taking the old and transforming it into something brand new and utterly sublime.

Check out the video for the single “High Ball Stepper,” taken from the album below:

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