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Interview: The Wombats (Exclusive)

We have a chat with those loveable indie Liverpudlians The Wombats. We talk new album, A-Ha, backwards pouches and more. Check out the interview here….

With the upcoming release of The Wombats new single ‘Anti-D’ and album ‘This Modern Glitch’, we thought it best to catch up with those loveable indie Liverpudlians for a good ole chinwag. We speak to Wombats drummer Dan Haggis to find out how much like an actual Wombat they really are, what to expect from the album and most importantly if Tord has met Morten Harket of A-Ha.

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HTF: Ok… The Wombats, let’s see if you are worthy to compare yourselves to the little Australian Marsupial!
We have complied a little check list, please give characteristics or situations to which similarities may have arisen: Are you short-legged and muscular little creatures ?
D: I am more like a daddy-long-legs, Murph is more like a ‘Drog'(a cross between Droopy the Dog and a Frog, Tord is the closest to a Wombat and your description!

HTF: Do you have extraordinary slow metabolism, 14 days to complete digestion??
D: Nope, I think my metabolism is probably the fastest in the west. I’m actually known as ‘Speedy Gut McGuff the 2nd.’

HTF: Do you move slowly, unless threatened, then capable of speeds up to 25mph?
D: Well being a drummer I tend to sit down but move the rest of my body as fast as possible. When threatened we just play harder and faster.

HTF: Are any of you nocturnal?
D: On tour we do become fairly nocturnal as we often don’t start ‘work'(haha) until 9pm and by the time the adrenalin rush has subsided and the bus is moving we often don’t sleep till late!

HTF: Anyone got a backwards pouch??
D: Yeah, all 3 of us. Really comes in useful for games of ‘hide and seek’. However, ‘Sardines in a Tin’ can be problematic.

HTF: Lastly the wombat sex…A complicated dance, a bite on the rump and ferocious backward kicks are all part of the wombat’s lovemaking repertoire, It appears to be a physically demanding process, complete with chasing, biting, grunting and loads of heavy breathing? Sounding familiar???
D:Sounds very familiar, except for the kicking part of course.

HTF: Anyway… enough about the Ozzy creatures: You have your Second album, This Modern Glitch, due out April, can we expect anything different to A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation?
D: Yes, very much so. Our 1st album was recorded pretty much live in 18 days whereas ‘This Modern Glitch’ was recorded over 3 months in LA with 4 different producers. This meant we could spend more time on the recording process, really sculpting sounds and making the songs as interesting as possible. All 3 of us started playing more synths on this album also which has slightly changed the sound, giving it a deeper,richer feel. Don’t worry though,there are are still some pretty heavy, life changing guitars on the album!

HTF: Fireman Sam was your hidden track on the last Album, Can you disclose the new one on Modern glitch….. May we suggest Thomas the Tank Engine ????
D: If anything was hidden on the last album it was postman pat but I don’t think it made it on there to be honest…if you press rewind at the start of our 1st album there is some hidden stuff for those who haven’t found it yet! We’ve already finished the album and sorry to say there’s no Thomas the Tank on there! Sorry to disappoint…

HTF: Anti- D will be the third single off your new album due to be released the same month, Tokyo and Jump into the fog already topping the top 40. What does the D stand for in Anti-D ??
D: Dogs… dentists…. dildos…deodorant ????? Depressant. I guess you were joking right? haha..

HTF: Tord was born in Norway, what bought you him to England, namely Liverpool… and please tell us he has met Morten Harket from A-ha???
D: No, he says he’s never met Morten Harket but he did meet the former Prime Minister of Norway ‘Gro Harlem’. He came to Liverpool to taste the ale and check out the local seafood, which by the way is now his favourite delicacy. He was also determined to make the big success journey. He is on his way…

HTF: You all met at LIPA… did you actually do anything there or generally get wasted and did you ever see Paul Mccartney (founder of) there ???
D: The facilities at LIPA were great and although there was a lot of ‘wastedness’ we did spend as much time as we could in the recording studios there learning production techniques and generally having fun. We have met Sir Paul a few times and even interviewed him once when we took over BBC radio 1 for a couple of hours. He’s such a gentleman.

HTF: Mentioning Sir Paul…Liverpool Cavern… Beatles were there 50 years ago last month…. Your first home for playing gigs… best memories there and would you imagine yourselves together in 50 years time?????
D: For the 1st 2 years of life in the Wombats we only played in Liverpool. It’s a really great place for bands to find their feet and hone their art. Some of the best memories I have were in this little bar called ‘Korova’, which actually burnt down a year ago, where we used to play quite frequently to anything from 5 people to 150 people. I remember one gig when my younger brother came to what must have been his first gig and him and his friends (who were our biggest fans in the early days as my brother used to sit outside our lounge where we practiced learning the songs!) had a few too many drinks and ended up hanging from the pipes on the ceiling! Great days…

HTF: Back in the day you supported Kaiser Chiefs and other end of the spectrum Babyshambles, who, if you could name anyone would you have supporting yourselves…. ???
D: At the moment we have a band from Norway called ‘Team Me’ supporting us. They are probably the best support band we’ve ever had and they put us and the crowd in a good mood before the show.

HTF: Weirdest rider demands??
D: Hummous, organic food… We’re not so demanding.

HTF: Generic but informative, …. Festivals this year,??
D: Glastonbury, V festival, Groove in the Moo, a few festivals in Norway, Sweden, Germany etc…more to come hopefully.

HTF: Do you camp or do you have a full on hotel??
D: We have camped several times. I remember the 1st time we did D: Glasto we ended up carrying our amps etc through thick mud! We often stay on a bus these days..

HTF: Finally anything further you would like to add, inform? Now is your chance……..
D: I like seafood.

Interviewer: Zoe Ellis

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