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Interview: Morning Parade (Exclusive)

Morning Parade tell us who they would like to collaborate with and whats next in their grand scheme of things!

We caught up with Essex based Indie-Rockers Morning Parade. The band have just recently released their latest single ‘A&E’, so we managed to have a quick chat with vocalist and guitarist Steve Sparrow to find out more about the single, what it’s like to play with Feeder, why they love the Danish and what’s happening in the near exciting future for these boys!

You can check out more from Morning Parade here –

HTF: Hit The Floor
SS: Steve Sparrow from Morning Parade

HTF: Hey Steve! How are you!?
SS: Great thanks, been a busy day, but you sound very happy! I like it.

HTF: Thanks! Well we thought we’d kick off by asking about your new single A&E? What is you inspiration behind it?
SS: It’s actually one of our oldest songs really. It’s a bit of a weird one as it’s about losing your sense of reality and sinking into a state of paranoia.

HTF: and it’s out now?
SS: It’s available now! It’s kinda our second set up single. So we have created limited editions to go with it.

HTF: You’ve just finished a headline tour, for those who missed out any others gigs they can come to?
SS: We’ve got a few dates with The Wombats coming up which is cool and then were also off to Denmark to play with a band that we ar huge fans of called, Veto!

HTF: Amazing! Denmark is fantastic, have you been before?
SS: No, i’ve never been to Denmark before so I’m excited to see how the fans and the music scene varies out there. For us it will be like starting out all over again, as not many people will have heard of us over there I don’t think. We are also huuuge fans of Danish bands such as Veto, who I just mentioned and a band called Mew!

HTF:  We heard you’ve just come off tour with Feeder aswell! How was that?
SS: Yeah we’ve just done a few dates with Feeder. They are great guys in that whenever they are in London and we’ve needed a show they always give us a call! Which is cool.

HTF: Wow! Sounds great. So what’s the biggest crowd you’ve played to so far?
SS: Our biggest indoor crowd was bout 3,500 people. But outdoors we played to around 20,000. It was incredible!

HTF: Soooo any chance you could give us an idea of what festivals you might be playing this year?
SS: Unfortunately I cant tell you exactly which festivals we will be playing just yet ‘cos I’ll get in trouble [HTF: Boooooooo] But I can confirm we will be playing some! [HTF: Yaaayyyyyy :D] And I know that when we do play… It will be to around 50,000! We have a number of U.K. festivals confirmed and we’re also jetting off to Spain, France, Italy, Germany…. Basically whoring ourselves out! Haha.

HTF: Haha. Brilliant. So who would you ultimately like to tour or collaborate with?
SS: Glasvegas! We’ve done a couple shows with them before when they were first starting out. They are really safe guys. I love James’ lyrics and I think we would learn a lot from them! Elbow would be great to collaborate with. Guy is a great producer and it would be great to take our values and mix it with their instrumentation.

HTF: So what’s the next step for you guys?
SS: Well I guess our next step after finishing our U.K. tour is that we will then be hitting the studio to take a couple tracks from our album and completely strip them back and record them accoustically. I’ve also spoken with a strings quartet, which should be absolutely amazing with the stripped back acoustic sessions! Then obviously a few dates with The Wombats, our european tour and the festivals! It’s like, the more you do. The more you get offered and it spirals from there!

HTF: So as we near the end of this lovely interview, tell us why it is that people should perhaps choose to listen to your music?
SS: We were asked this question the other day on the radio. There is no reason in particular other than if you like it, then carrying on listening. If you don’t, then stop! That is the true beauty of music.

HTF: Steve, thanks so much. It’s been a pleasure talking to you!
SS: And you, Byyyee!

Morning Parade ‘A&E’ is available to download now!

Interviewer: Lois Honeywill

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