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Interview: Ferraby Lionheart

We speak to California based singer-songwriter Ferraby Lionheart about his inspirations, his music and his plans for the future. Check out our exclusive interview here…

Ferraby Lionheart Interview

Californian creme of the crop Ferraby Lionheart talks music with us at HTF and shares some good and not so good experiences. For those of you who havent given Ferraby a listen before nows the time to start, his album ‘Jack Of Hearts’ is available for download on Itunes. Ferraby lionheart who currently resides in Los Angeles is a truely talented musician whos tracks have been played on a vary of television shows & radio stations. Although he is somewhat underground his music is truely ground breaking. His albums include his self titled EP which was released in 2006, Catch The Brass Ring which was released in 2007 & his most recent album Jack Of Hearts released in 2010. Ferrabys music packs a powerful indie/folk punch which can suit a varied audience. His voice is crisp and refreshing and his music truely takes on a style of his own, i would definatly class Ferraby as one of my favourite artists and hes certainly one to watch out for in future. Check below for our interview with the man himself…..

HTF: What made you decide to first start making music?
FL: I guess it was in high school.. I wasn’t doing too well at Algebra, so my folks had one of their friends tutor me after school. The lady had an acoustic guitar that really caught my eye, and so her husband gave me a couple lessons.

HTF: Where was the first solo gig you ever played & how did it go?
FL: I guess when i moved to Los Angeles at 21 or 22 I played a tiny basement on Sunset Blvd. called The Coconut Teaser. Ha. It’s not there anymore.. might be a bar or a dance club maybe. Boy I would get a kick out of seeing that show. I think i wore a white windbreaker and played guitar to a drum machine, then I broke a string and asked if everyone just wanted to go for ice cream instead.

HTF: Was there ever a time you doubted yourself a musician?
FL: I think I know what you mean.. I’d say yes. I certainly feel more confident about some elements of the process then others, but If you’re gonna push yourself, self-evaluation is essential and i’d be worried if it never resulted in doubt.

HTF: If you had to pick one song you’ve wrote as your favourite, what would it be?
FL: Well, i think it’s always changing. I keep trying to write better ones, so it’s usually a new one. I got this brand new one about a baby hen that turned out to be a rooster, but you havn’t heard that one yet, so I guess I’d say Minuteman off the last album.

HTF: Who are your musical influences?
FL: oh gosh.. It changes all the time.. Mostly i don’t listen to music, but I get inspired by a song here and there. I really love the song Skylark by the Fleetwoods. And I usually feel inspired when i hear Neil Young or Nina Simone. I mostly listen to college radio or the classical station.

HTF: What was your most enjoyable album to work on (The LP, Catch The Brass Ring, The Jack Of Hearts)?
FL: Probably Catch the Brass Ring cause I had a bunch of help and we hired a big brass band.

HTF: How did you feel when you were noticed by producer Jon Brion?
FL: My legs got all shakey and a bit nervous, but it was a real thrill. We played one of my songs together. That was ages ago though.

HTF: How do you feel your musics changed over the years?
FL: Hmm.. maybe more vibrant. That’s how I told my friend I wanted the last album to sound. I just wanna make stuff that sounds alive. And I like my singing better now too.

HTF: Do you have any future plans for touring outside the US?
FL: Golly. I wish. I hope to soon, but I’m afraid it’s hard enough just to do a good job over here.

HTF: What has been your worst or weirdest experience at one of your own gigs?
FL: I dont know, the power went out on the whole block one night in San Francisco while I was doing a song that’s haunted.

HTF: What has been the best or funniest experience at one of your own gigs?
FL: Well, one night recently in Portland we were double booked underneath a Matisyahu show (heavy bass dub reggae rap coming through the ceiling) and I play sensitive acoustic type jams. This was actually the worst and funniest together.

HTF: Do you often hear your tracks on television shows/films?
FL: For some reason I never do, but friends will email or whatever saying that it was on at Starbucks or on their DirectTV folk station.

HTF: How did it feel to hear your track ‘The Ballad Of Gus & Sam’ on The CW’s television show Gossip Girl which rakes in millions of viewers?
FL: I never saw it. It’s fine i guess.

HTF: What do you feel your musics accomplished?
FL: Ocassionally I will get an email from someone saying that the music means a lot to them and that they rely on it. And recently a woman in Canada hired me to play the first dance at her wedding. So it seems to be bringing a bit of joy to a few folks. That helps me continue.

HTF: Can we expect to hear many more albums to come from you?
FL: I’d say at least a couple. I’m not sure I’ll spend my entire working life making records and touring. I hope to find the best way for me to serve the world. Maybe it’s music, but I just don’t know yet.

HTF: What advice would you give to any aspiring musicians out there?
FL: Try not to sound like anyone else.

Interviewer: Cassie Crue

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