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HTF’s Top Alternative Party Tunes

Stuck for how to make your next party more Indie? Check out our list of the top alternative party tracks, with a little help from some artist friends!

Source: Official Facebook Page

Source: Andrew W.K. – Official Facebook Page

It’s Time To Party – Andrew W.K.

Every party needs a good opener. Open with the wrong thing and you could kill the party before it’s even started so what you need is a solid BANGER! Who best to deliver this vital tune than the party god himself, Sir Andrew W.K. From the second this kicks in it’s fists in the air, party till you puke, going to be the wildest night of your life action. It truly is time to party!

Chris Hines (HTF Editor)



Source: Orbital – Official Facebook Page

Chime – Orbital

I feel a close connection to this particular number. While I was at Art School in Kent they played what must have been one of their first gigs at a party in our canteen to about 50 people. I had no idea who they were until ‘Chime‘ kicked in and it all fell into place. Years later, they came along to see me play in Brighton after I’d used it in my ‘Songs For Acid Edward‘ medley. Oddly, just as the Chime part of my medley started the PA broke down, so we all sang along to an acoustic version. I spoke to them afterwards and they were delighted and touched at the response from a room full of people singing ‘diddle-iddle-iddle-iddle om pom, dom pom pom, pom poddle -pom’. Then at the end of my wedding we needed a number to finish the night on a high. My friend popped ‘Chime‘ on and the place erupted in a melange of raised hands and raving. It really brought bride’s and groom’s friends together. They’re lovely chaps too.

Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer (Chap-Hop Pioneer)


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