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HTF’s Top Alternative Party Tunes

Stuck for how to make your next party more Indie? Check out our list of the top alternative party tracks, with a little help from some artist friends!

Source: Music Video

Source: Music Video

Parties. At their best, the drinks are flowing, the people are cool, the conversation is interesting, there may even be some Hula-Hoops in bowls and the music is pumping… However, for many of us more alternatively minded people, there’s a severe lack of regular party tunes played to keep us happy. Too much in the way of Top 40 Fodder and Clubby Beats. Yet fear ye not, Hit The Floor’s Indie Section and a collection of some of the best names in alternative music have teamed up to bring you the Top Alternative Party Anthems

Source: Official Artwork

Source: Gorillaz – Official Facebook Page

Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz
PSHT PSHT PSHT PSHT DUUUUUM DUM DUM DUUUM DUM DUUUUUM DUM DUM DUUUM DUM! We all know this iconic tune from Gorillaz! With it’s infectious grooves, tongue twisting lyrics and lazily sung chorus. Out the way everyone, this is my moment in the spotlight and I’m giving it up for nobody! No, I have absolutely no dancing talent at all and look like some 20 year old Hipster/Emo guy who’s had a shandy too many (let’s be honest, I’m probably not going to be dancing if I haven’t), but this is my tune everyone, so get on down with me or get off the dance floor! Every party I have DJ’d and dropped this tune at has replied with total euphoria from the start. From the first almighty crash  of drums and cymbals, which have a power akin to the Gods slamming their collective car doors and blasting out both barrels of their shotguns simultaneously, into the loosely groovy pianos and bass-lines that make up the song, every party goer worth their salt will  be able to rap every verse and sing ever chorus. A true powerhouse from the best of the good times tunes!

Mitch Emery (HTF)


Source: Pulp – Official Facebook Page

Pulp – Common People
It’s hard being lanky sometimes. It means it’s extremely difficult to look cool or any way sexy when attempting to have a bit of dance in a night club. Arms and legs, here there and everywhere. However, there is one song that gives me a pass to wear the crown as king of the dance floor for five short minutes in an evening of otherwise uncoordinated heel shuffling and drink spilling. So, thank you Pulp. Thank you Common People. And most importantly, Thank you Jarvis Cocker for allowing me to trick people into thinking I’m emulating your awkward (and occasionally hammy) dance moves. If you ever see me in a dingy indie club and this song comes on then step aside world. Kiss my kicky feet and watch me fly. I own this floor now. Well…. It feels that way anyhow.

Tom Adolph (Ugly Love)

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