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Hello Mexico Free EP Download!

Hello Mexico are an experimental, progressive-rock band from London who are reviving the lost art of truely bringing music to life. Download their magical new EP right here for FREE!

Hello Mexico are ones to watch. Their musical genius continues to impress, surprise and capture the room. There doesnt seem to be any ‘new’ music these days in the true sense of the word, we are seeing repetitive pop constantly seeping through the seams of marketed rubbish so it is incredibly refreshing to hear instruments played in the way that Hello Mexico ignite them. Their music feels inspirational and moving. A group completely dedicated to reviving the lost art of bringing music to life, it’s somewhat magical. Each song has a story to tell and so they invite you to get lost in the moment with them. They performed an accoustic set in Camden not long ago, where they invited the crowd to sit on the floor, so everyone had the best view possible, connecting the room in it’s entirety to indulge in pure musical enjoyment for that hour, forgetting the rest of the world that they would soon have to revisit.

Once again in reaching out to the generation who want real, passionate music you can download their new self-titled EP for FREE! Click this following link and get ready to be impressed If you do one thing today, it should be this. You won’t be disappointed.

Below is the official trailer for their EP. Check out before you download if you like…..

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