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The Battle Of The Britpop Bands – Round 1 – Cast Your Votes!

HTF proudly presents the Battle Of Britpop, a battle among 32 of the best Britpop albums ever made, the winner is decided by you!
Who will win? Will Blur or Oasis take the crown? Or will the plucky outsiders fight their way to the top?

20 years ago Blur released Parklife and ignited a fire that Suede and The Auteurs had already lit the previous year. These acts were favourable among the critics, but it wasn’t until classics like ‘Girls And Boys‘ and ‘To The End‘ hit the UK charts. that the whirlwind dubbed Britpop took hold of the British public and opened the floodgates for any band with a shaggy hair cut and a copy of The Kinks Village Green Preservation Society on vinyl to get a record deal.

So which albums actually mattered, after two decades of hindsight, does Oasis’ What’s The Story Morning Glory actually stand up? Was Boo Radleys Wake Up  really as bad as the band want us to believe ? We have selected 32 of the best albums  ( only one entry per artist) from the classic Britpop period 1993-1997 and have drawn them up against each other. Only your vote will decide who wins the battle and which album deserves to make it through to the next round.

Your votes decide who will make it to the next round, so cast them wisely. The voting ends April 20th. *Update – Voting extended to 26th April*

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