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8 Great Music Films To Sink Your Teeth Into (Not Literally!)

Need some inspiration for your next ‘Netflix and chill’ session? Try these music films. They may not get you action but you’ll be glued to the screen!

Source: Movie Poster

Source: Movie Poster

Everywhere you turn at the moment there seems to be a film or documentary to do with music. It's getting to the point where it's nigh on impossible to discern which offerings may be worth your time and which ones will be flooding Cash Converters' shelves within the next few months.

Here's our handy guide to some of our favourite music films in no particular order.

It Might Get Loud

Three legendary guitarists, Jack White, Jimmy Page and erm… The Edge, shoot the shit and jam in a room. What’s not to like…

This is truly a nerdgasm to anyone who has ever slaved over a guitar trying to work out the solo on ‘Black Dog’. The film has heart and soul and serves as an effect tribute to everyone’s favourite musical instrument. But let’s face it. The admission fee is payed just with this one clip below. Page 1 – The Edge 0. “Is that a…” *whooosh*. Oh, this film is also available on YouTube. So there’s no reason not to appreciate Jimmy Page cutting The Edge down to size with a theremin.

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