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5 Indie Anthems For The Lads!

Get your pint in the air, it’s time for some ultimate lad anthems!

Source: Official Facebook / Stefan De Batselier

Indie rock has always had quite an attachment with British ‘lad’ culture. After a heavy night out with the boys trying to pull birds in walkabout, it’s all about grabbing a kebab with all the trimmings and then getting your chant on to the busker outside who has learnt  a hand-full of chant along indie classics. We’ve all seen it and chances are, lad or not, you’ve on occasion probably joined in as well.

So that being said, here is HTF’s top five indie songs for the lads! GET IN MY SON!!

Kasabian – Club Foot

One of the big cheeses of the ‘lad’ band movement is Leicester’s finest, Kasabian, and their massive hit ‘Club Foot’ has to easily be high up on the list of ultimate lad anthems. With it’s howling chorus, it’s one to belt out loud and proud down at the local karaoke while spilling your pint everywhere at the same time. The ladies bloody love it!


The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger

This is one anthem that is perfect for any big occasion. Whether your team has just won the footie, you got lucky and picked up some cash with some real time gaming at the casino, or you just managed to pull a worldie at Oceana, this is one you and your mates can get a bit lairy too as you jump around in a circular huddle screaming “DO DO DO Do Do Do Do Do DO DO DO DO Do!” at the top of your lungs. Even if you don’t consider yourself part of the crowd, this is guaranteed to get that inner lad brewing inside you. Don’t fight it, just accept!


Oasis – Roll With It

Quite possibly the kings of all things ‘lad’, the Oasis boys are always going to be a winner and it’s pretty much guaranteed the moment ‘Roll With It’…or any other Oasis track, kicks in. That Manchester swagger will start to ooze out of every lads pores and suddenly everyone thinks their the biggest rock star on the planet…they’re not, but in their minds they are gods!


Happy Mondays – Step On

“You’re twisting my Melon man” – It’s about this time that every lad in the club suddenly starting acting like they are all on acid and start waving their arms around like a mime trying to get his head around the imaginary window infront of him. It’s pretty much guaranteed to turn any group of lads into a Bez tribute act; which quite frankly needs to be done. Leave a message in the comments and let’s make this happen!


Tame Impala – Elephant

And finally on our list is the almighty, bass thudding anthem that is Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’. I don’t know what it is about it’s rumbling bass that sends the common lad into a stomping frenzy but it seems to have some sort of hypnotic effect. It’s not about the birds or the booze for these few minutes, it just about being a bloody lad and loving it!


What would your lad anthems be? Let us know in the comments below!

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