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Watch DJ Rashad Boiler Room Tribute

Check out the Boiler Room tribute session to DJ Rashad featuring sets from Oneman, Kode9, Addison Groove & Ikonika…

Source: Boiler Room

Since the sad loss of DJ Rashad the Ilinois-based DJ and producer on April 26 2014 tributes have been flooding in from family, friends & fans alike. An official statement on the Hyperdub website read:

‘DJ Rashad was a quintessential figurehead in the evolution from Ghetto House to Chicago Juke to Footwork and one of the artists to have to consistently pushed the evolution of the Footwork genre forward.’

In honour of DJ Rashad’s death Boiler Room have paid tribute by dedicating the new monthly Oneman session entirely to him. The session featured sets from Ikonika, Kode9 & Addison Groove. You can check out all the sets over at Boiler Room or check out the Oneman video below. RIP DJ Rashad

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