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Superdrug Release Their Own Chip-Tune Sex Track!

Fitness has never been so much fun!

Photo Credit: essexor via Compfight cc

Being the start of the year, loads of people always decide it’s time to get fit and start going to the gym, start eating healthy and then pretty much give up by start of February and start eating Pizza and slob around watching Dickinson’s Real Deal again.

Superdrug though, have come up with an idea that might be a little more fun. They have released their own “sexercise” dance track designed to work perfectly in sync with your bedroom humping and help burn calories. Who wants to go for a run now? No one!

The track was put together with the help of fitness experts for optimum calorie burn and the music producers analysed the bedroom habits of 2,000 British couples in order to set the beat correctly for optimum humping. It’s also 22min 48s long which is meant to be the average length of a UK sex session.

Sounding a bit like your playing the old 80’s racing game Outrun, the track starts at 90bpm, building up to 130bpm for the epic finish. They even give you a segment of 100bpm afterwards just to cool down which is nice of them.

Dr Pixie McKenna, brand ambassador for Superdrug said about the track: “I think it’s a fabulous way to incorporate exercise in to your daily routine and I’d love to hear from couples who have tried it out. I recommend people aim for half an hour of exercise every day and sex can definitely play a part in this along with getting off the bus a stop early or taking the stairs instead of the lift. It needn’t all be hours spent sweating down the gym for it to be effective.”

Check it out below and let us know how you get on!

You can download the track for free here –

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