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‘Somewhere To Run’ – Could The Rain Be Gone And The Sun Be Coming Out For Krewella?

Krewella make their return!

Source: Nikko La Mere / Facebook

So it appears the Krewella girls are not letting the loss of their former member/producer KrisRain Man’ Trindl slow them down as they return with their brand new tune ‘Somewhere To Run’. Is it up to scratch with their previous stuff? Well that depends how you look at it.

For old school fans, the track is quite noticeably different from the bands previous work. With an almost Daft Punk vibe to the tracks hook, the whole thing edges towards a poppier sound with their former dub-step influence sound sadly no-where to be found (well, maybe except for on the drop). The loss of Rain Man has clearly had its effect but I guess the question is, is this change of sound such a bad thing?

What better way to come-back from the mess than release a single that will bring a whole new set of fans onboard? This track may not fully have that Krewella edge we saw previously but you can’t deny it’s damn radio friendly and without selling themselves out too much. They haven’t gone too overboard to the point where it’s a different group and, in that way, it’s the ultimate come-back.

Losing Rain Man was a huge blow for the girls and having that kind of set-back you need to do something big. Doing something new and different was exactly that. It’s only going to push the girls into a better place than they were before instead of just staying at the same level and, it gets people talking. If this track sounded the same as everything else they had done what really would have been the point except for pleasing the few hardcore fans that are scared of change? And let’s remember, this is just one song. Who says the rest of their new material isn’t going to include that party-vibe Krewella we know and love? They have already lost a few fans due to all the dramas so I’m sure the last thing they are planning is to lose any more.

Could the rain be gone and the sun be coming out for Krewella? I’m excited to see where this takes them.

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