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Skrillex Hacked By Turkish Penguin

Skrillex becomes the next Penguin Victim…

Okay calm down, the brostepper hasn’t become the victim of an angry sea-loving flightless bird-attack, but his website sort of has.

Yes, the famous internet penguin hackers, otherwise known as Turkish internet troublemakers Eboz, decided to choose their next victim. And the flipper was to fall on Skrillz.

On Tuesday night had a new layout. Two black and white visitors of the penguin persuasion appeared on the homepage of the website, waddling off into the sunset together, with Sasha and Maria’s 1996 classic ‘Be As One’ played in the background whilst messages such as ‘My homies are always with me…Is there anyone not with me in every breath I take…Greetings to friends, we’re not dead, still living..’ emblazoned across the site [[INSERT JOKE ABOUT WITH YOU FRIENDS HERE]].

The man himself seemed fairly calm about the whole affair tweetingDamn somebody hacked/jacked haha which was nice to see that the bangaranger didn’t take the whole thing too seriously.

But maybe the attack wasn’t so unfortunate after all – as one canny tweeter pointed out, the penguin image bears a striking resemblance to Skrillex himself having a little moment with Boyz Noize at Coachella. Aw Cute.

I wonder who’s next on Eboz’ list. Well I can’t say for sure but I hear Justin Beiber reeeeeally hates penguins. As does One Direction. And Taylor Swift – I heard she ate one once. (Disclaimer: the last three sentences may not be true whatsoever).

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