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Pretty Lights Remixes Five Knives Song ‘Savages’

Pretty Lights emerges with a brilliant remix of Five Knives’ ‘Savages’!

Red Bull Records

Source: PR

It has been months since Pretty Lights has released any new material, but can you blame him? His album ‘A Color Map of The Sun’ was one of the seminal releases of 2013, so it is only fair that he takes his time and assesses exactly what his next production would be.  Well, a remix of Five Knives‘ ‘Savages’, is that very production!

Released by Red Bull Records, it features a crunchy, somewhat darker musical style from the Electro-Soul master. Slightly understated compared to the intricate productions featured on ACMOTS, the subtle vocal samplings from the original pair extremely well with the Pretty Lights touch, and you can even detect a few hi-hat progressions that we have yet to see Pretty Lights experiment with.

The short of it is this – listen to the remix below, and download it for free!

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