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New Licensing Imminent For Soundcloud

Soundcloud are set to introduce advertising in their new licensing deal – click here to find out more!

Source: Promo

A new advertising campaign is being introduced to Soundcloud as part of their new licensing deal with entertainment companies.

The New York Times reported that a new subscription services similar to Spotify is on the way, which allows artists and labels to collect royalties. This new scheme will allow listeners to listen to music without adverts.

The campaign came from a previous report in April where major labels were unhappy with the lack of copyright regulations on the online streaming service.

Jeff Toig – spokesman for Soundcloud –  spoke to the New York Times, stating “Soundcloud would sign licensing agreements with music companies to run advertising on the website. He also mentioned that the majority of the revenue from the adverts would go to the content provider such as the artist or label.”

Already confirmed to advertise on the streaming website follow the likes of Red BullJaguar, and Comedy Centeral.

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