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New John Talabot Tune! (Free Download)

Listen to new John Talabot tune, and download it for exactly zero pennies!


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or so the saying goes. Well yesterday spanish producer John Talabot treated us all to a little bit of treasure.

New track ‘08-01‘ appeared on Talabot‘s soundcloud yesterday witht he tagline ‘It’s my B-day today. Here’s a demo I’ll never be able to finish or properly release because I lost the files. Free download. Thanks.’ Rather than let it see the Recycle Bin we can all stick it on our handhelds. And the track? A drum heavy, rangey affair, holding just as much self conscious bravado as previous releases from the Barcelonean. As for being unfinished? Yes maybe the more discerning ears amongst us may notice that the levels are a bit wayward, and the track doesn’t have a huge amount of depth or progression that we’re used to seeing from John, but all in all, it’s a pretty damn fine track.

And it’s free! Free I tell ye!

Enjoy it below….

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