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Going To The Masked Ball? Check Out Our 5 Step Survival Guide!

With The Masked Ball about to hit on 2nd May, 2015, we provide you with essential information to help you have the best of times.

The Masked Ball

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When it comes to events that Hit The Floor have been to, The Masked Ball in Porthleven, Cornwall is among the best. As hundreds descend on the unique event; a whirlwind of exciting stages, ranging from the quirkiness of ‘Ezmeralda’s’ to the damn-right dirtiness of ‘On The Wonk’, we can’t wait to dive in at the deep end and bring you the latest on what 2015 has to offer.

Bonobo, Andrew Weatherall, Joey Negro, Simian Mobile DiscoStanton Warriors and Rosie and the Goldbug are among the electronica artists, house legends and rising stars that the Masked Ball have included in their line-up this year.

Limited tickets are still available here:

The Saturday night runs from 6pm until 6am, with the Sunday session starting at noon and finishing at midnight.

Before you head down, if you haven’t been before, here is a survival guide to get you through the weekend of chaos you’re about to embark on!

1. Don’t bring glass

This is a schoolboy error people make at The Masked Ball, but also the majority of festivals. If you bring glass, you won’t be allowed to take it in. If you have spirits in a glass bottle, grab a couple of plastic bottles and pour them in, or buy some water at the supermarket and just empty them out.

2. When you’ve parked the car, take the booze in on your first trip

Sometimes security can be a bit funny at events, and will only let you take booze in on your first trip to the camping area (to stop you bringing several crates in). For 2014 at The Masked Ball, this was certainly the case, although previous years have been fine. It’s best to just take it in on your first attempt and not risk the rejection of having to leave all your booze in the car.

3. Dress up, or suit up

While there is no strict dress code for The Masked Ball, people love to dress up. Put on a suit, or dig out your best costume, and you’ll integrate with the eccentric atmosphere of the weekend. While at most events, people wearing fancy dress contribute to the minority, at The Masked Ball, they make up the majority of the crowd.

Source: PR

4. Leave your ego behind

We can’t stress this enough, don’t be a dick! The Masked Ball has such a great, positive and friendly atmosphere. The people dance, laugh and get involved. So, leave your ego at home, unwind and enjoy the weekend.

5. Bring a bit of wood, and maybe some jump leads

There is nothing worse than trying to get out of The Masked Ball’s sloped field that is the car park, after it has rained. Your wheels will spin, so bring something to put under them in case you get ‘stuck in the mud’! Also, maybe some jump leads…just in case your car doesn’t start. Who wants to wait for The AA on a hangover?!

Source: PR

For our final thought, the most important rule is to just enjoy yourself. There are plenty of decent artists playing, offering more talent that extends beyond the headliners. Try not to get too hung up about seeing a specific artist on time, as chances are, you’ll have the best of times engaging in a dance-off with someone dressed as a cat in the corner of ‘On The Wonk’.

Have you been to The Masked Ball before and can offer some tips, or are you heading there for the first time? Let us know in the comments below!

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