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Live Review- UKF Bass Culture – Alexandra Palace, London- 25th November

UKF Bass Culture-Live review btw it was awesome

On the 25th of November HTF were lucky enough to attend the biggest drum and bass night of the year. UKF presented Bass Culture at Alexandra Palace and HTF are still recovering from the bone shattering bass. The line up alone was enough to tickle the eardrums but all being under one roof on one night made every second that more incredible. Unfortunately HTF could not experience every artist on the line up but we will talk about the ones that really stood out for us.

Perhaps the biggest queue HTF have experienced outside festival season promised a packed night. This promise was not broken and as HTF walked through the door mayhem began. This mayhem was a few thousand people running so as not to miss Modestep.


Considering Modestep have only been in the pubic eye for a relatively short time, to see crowds of people running to see Modestep’s set was amazing. Playing the chart hits ‘Sunlight’ and ‘To The Stars‘ they guys already had the crowd in the palm of their hand. However the track that stood out for HTF was the dub step remix of Ceelo Green’s ‘Fuck You’ the intensity with which it was performed and the crowd participation was certainly a highlight of the night.

Jaguar Skills

The next act HTF were honoured to see was Jaguar Skills who if you didn’t know dresses as a ninja firstly anyone who does this is a legend in our book and secondly he is an awesome DJ. Mixing tunes that got the crowd going over and over.Putting tunes together that shouldn’t go but when mixed into one another were brilliant. Jaguar Skills knocked it out of the park.

Chase and Status

Chase and Status blew the roof off. Every song an example of the brilliance that Chase and Status provide every time. The whole set was incredible playing a mix of old and new tracks the crowd were going crazy. The track that stood out for HTF was ‘Pieces’ ft Plan B. With the crowd participation and the sheer size of the crowd and the hall it all came together for for a very special moment. HTF still have bruises from the mosh pits!


Skrillex has had one hell of a year and is storming through singles, Eps and the charts. His fan base continuously growing larger andlarger. The first thing that impressed HTF with Skrillex was that he was held up at customs and was late to the show however to say sorry extends his thirty minute set to a whole hour and finished the night. This was a massive way of him saying thank you and sorry in one go to his loyal fans. HTF already thought very highly of Skrillex but this extension of his set and then the fact that the set was un-freaking-belivable!!! made HTF love him. Sonny Moore HTF take our hats off to you sir!

HTF had an incredible time and saw some brilliant artists and its a shame we didn’t have time to write about them all. More reason to go back next time! *hint hint*

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