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Justin Bieber Refused Entry At Multiple Nightclubs In Miami

What has the cheeky rabscallion been up to this time?!

Justin Bieber

Oh dear, oh dear… what has everyone’s most loathed / loved pop star been up to this time?!

It has been reported to sources at TMZ, that Justin Bieber got refused entry at three massive electronic music based nightclub hotspots in Miami. The venues being LIV, Story, and Adore.

The reasons that were reportedly given for the refusal of entry for the hormoanal (see what we did there?) pop star, was because of when he was arrested for DUI in Miami earlier this year. The other reason simply being… he is not 21! Of course, the legal consent of age for buying alcohol or entering nightclubs in America is 21.

It is not even that much a big of a deal, but when the singer was reportedly trying to beg and plead to get in to the coveted nightclubs with zero succession, it all makes for a terrific story!

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