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Interview: Maxim From The Prodigy

Hit The Floor meets Maxim from The Prodigy, ahead of his United States tour this year

Maxim-InterviewFor over 20 years, The Prodigy have been the acme of electronic music. No matter what the scene, from Rock to Dance, The Prodigy have successfully brought the appeal of electronic music to the masses. With rebellious live performances seeing sweat dripping from the ceiling as revellers go mad for the music, The Prodigy continue to push the boundaries, showing no signs of slowing down.

Maxim, a key member at the forefront of the band, has decided to branch out on to the DJ scene. This winter he will be touring the states, including some key dates such as Day of the Dead festival. Hit The Floor was lucky enough to catch the man himself for an interview.

HTF: Maxim, how are you?

Maxim: Good man

HTF: You’re a British artist conquering the states as a DJ for the first time, how do you think they’ll respond?

Maxim: I’m quite open minded really. I am playing a lot of Trap music. Trap music is going down well there, but I don’t really know how receptive they are to people from the UK. It’s quite a hard nut to crack over in the US, it’s down to the luck of the draw. I don’t really understand the States to tell you the truth!

HTF: How was it when you took Prodigy over there for the first time?

Maxim: The thing with touring with a band is it’s a totally different thing to DJ’ing. I don’t really think they understood the band and where we came from. I think it’s only now that they really understand what dance music is, coming at the peak of the moment.

HTF: There’s been some big festivals over there recently, like Ultra Music Festival. It really brings the dance scene to the states.

Maxim: Exactly. When we were touring they didn’t really understand festivals, it was all rock festivals. It’s a new wave over there at the moment, it’s a good thing. I don’t want to be horrible, but the American philosophy sometimes is that everything starts from them. There’s currently a lot of music going over there from the UK.

HTF: You’re playing the Day Of The Dead Festival. Are you going to do anything different from your other sets?

Maxim: I could do but I’m really into trap music at the moment. I love so many different styles. I could play a Rock, Hip Hop, Dubstep, a Trap set…I mix a lot of Dubstep and Trap.

HTF: Trap is a new genre really, or rather a blend of other genres. What do you think the future holds for it?

Maxim: I think at the moment it’s quite a good time for electronic music. There is a lot of creativity about where as 4 or 5 years ago it was a bit stagnant. I just like what ever comes about really, I’m not into the names…Modestep, Brostep, all these different kind of steps. I just look for tracks that excite me. I don’t care what genre it is, I just look for creativity in music. People always say “Trap’s not going to last” or “Dubstep’s not going to last”, but I don’t get caught up in “I’ve got to keep it”. Music will always evolve and people will never stop going out and partying. There is always something new that everyone will listen to. I’m not bothered about the next wave that comes a long, I just enjoy finding new tracks that excite me.

HTF: How did the DJ’ing come about?

Maxim: It was purely DJ’ing in the dressing room. A couple of agents booked some gigs for me and they kept coming in, even though I told them I wasn’t really a DJ. It got to the point where I thought I’d try it at one of the gigs, DJ’ing at the Prodigy after party at Brixton academy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it kind of stemmed from there. I just love playing the music I’m into. When you’re in a band, you play your band music but when I’m behind the decks, I can either play a bit of Gangstarr or Queens Of The Stone Age…whatever I enjoy.

HTF: Can you tell us about We are noize?

Maxim: It’s a label myself and a couple of friends have set up. It’s just an outlet really to put out tracks that we like, or write. It’s a great thing, a great idea born out of my group of friends.

HTF: Do you have any idea when things will go live?

Maxim: It’s coming soon hopefully. It’s all in place and we’ve got tracks ready to go, so hopefully we’ll be launching something around Christmas time, to start the new year with. With my MC Cianna, we’re going to be writing tracks for her to put out under the label too.

HTF: I noticed on your mix you have a track from I Am Legion, a project collaboration by Noisia and Foreign Beggars. Do you have any plans for something similar?

Maxim: It’s early days at the moment, I’m just enjoying the DJ’ing. I’d like to. I do have a few artists in mind, perhaps in the future. It’s funny you mentioned Foreign Beggars, we got them on our tour a few years ago and we hooked up with the guys and said to them let’s do a track together, about 4 years ago, although it never materialised.

HTF: Have the crowds received your sets well so far?

Maxim: Yeah. I started off playing hip-hop and it’s moved more towards Trap recently. I’ve played mainly in Europe, which is very house-orientated at the moment. The whole Trap scene hasn’t really taken off, which is why I’m going to the US. That’s the home of it and people understand it. They’ll accept it more.

HTF: Do you see yourself doing more DJ’ing or more with the band in the future?

Maxim: The DJ’ing fits around the band. The band will always come first. I’m never sat around twiddling my thumbs, I’m always doing something creative such as DJ’ing, or painting, or art, but the band always comes first. DJ’ing doesn’t have the same kind of performance, that spontaneity of performing your own tracks and the energy that you create amongst yourselves. It’s not the same as bouncing to your own tracks and watching the fans bounce to the tracks you’ve written.

HTF: I noticed you were quite an artistic person, on Facebook.

Maxim: I do a lot of art, I’ve actually got an exhibition out in LA at the moment. They sell them over there. If I’m not with the band, or DJ’ing, I’m painting. It gives you the freedom to be yourself and do whatever you want to do. I got into it about 11 years ago, mixing media, developing my own style. I had a few exhibitions in London, one in LA and will be doing another next year, if I can get round to it.

HTF: How’s things with the Prodigy’s new album? Is it on course for next year?

Maxim: I can’t say a lot. It’s been delayed a few times, we’re the kings of delays. It’s not about delays though, it’s about creating a good album. There’s no point in putting out an album that’s not ready. There’s no point in saying “we’ve got 3 great tracks, let’s put the other 7 out just to get it released”, it has to be 100%. When it comes, people will appreciate it.

Maxim‘s live tour will kick off October 25th in San Francisco, and continue in L.A. for HARD Day of The Dead with additional stops in Austin, Seattle and an epic finish at NOLA’s massive annual Voodoo Festival with The Cure, Nine Inch Nails and Kid Rock.

You can listen to Maxim’s promotional mix here:

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