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Interview: Kove

We speak to the drum and bass legend that is Kove

Kove-InterviewKove is just 22 years old and already in high demand on the music scene. With recent backing from Chase & Status‘s label, MTA Records, things are about to explode for the young producer, with his latest ‘Measures EP‘ out on 21st October with MTA. We were lucky enough to speak with Kove in a Hit The Floor exclusive interview. Here is what he had to say:

HTF :Hey Kove! How are you? What have you been up to today?

K: Hi, fine thanks. Today I’m finishing up a remix for quite a big band (won’t say who just yet) that will be released shortly.

HTF: You’re known as a Drum and Bass producer, yet your forthcoming EP ‘Measures’ incorporates a variety of genres. How would you describe your style?

K: I’ve always been interested in producing other genres. In a way I fell into drum and bass and ‘Measures’ has given me a way to explore those previous avenues and to feel out what works well before knuckling down to the album. I’d describe my style as melodic dance floor. I prefer to concentrate on big chord progressions rather than modulating bass sounds.

HTF: How did you get into production?

K: I was a slightly over-keen guitarist in my formative years and I wanted to be able to start recording myself, so one Christmas I got an old 8 track Tascam recorder. The thing was a bitch to use so all I would manage to do was make these infinite chord loops and jam over the top of them. The results were awful quasi prog-rock noodling but I caught the bug and bought Logic to start exploring the software side of things.

HTF: You have become very popular in a small space of time, particularly following your signing to Chase and Status’ MTA records. How have you adapted to the transition?

K: Things always appear quick but behind the scenes it has been a long time coming, especially those formative years. Signing with MTA has been great, they’ve really helped with the transition into music becoming a full time career for me and allowing me to make music without boundaries.

HTF: Who are your major influences on the Drum and Bass scene?

K: Probably too many to mention! I suppose the big ones would be Brookes Brothers and Sub Focus, they’ve both always combined great melodic music with dancefloor sensibilities which is something I always try to get with my music. On a different side to that I’ve found myself dipping back into the older 90’s and 00’s stuff, there are so many good bassline tunes from that era that have influenced me. Also have to mention my label bosses Chase & Status, they taught me a lot about concentrating on the vibe of a tune as opposed to over-producing it (a habit I used to get into easily).

HTF: What can we expect from you in 2013?

K: I’ve been in and out of the studio with some great vocalists recently so I’ve got a lot of material close to completion. Hopefully after ‘Measures’ is released there should be time for one more single this year. I’ve also got a tune in the works with another up and coming producer called Dimension (which we really must finish). On top of that I have some great shows coming up supporting the likes of Sub Focus and Jaguar Skills as well as playing at Warehouse Project.

HTF: What are your top 3 tracks at the moment?

K: Chase & Status ‘Count On Me’ – Doing what they do best, it’s a great 90’s vibe anthem. Love playing this out.

Mind Vortex ‘Gravity’ – Huge stuff as always from Mind Vortex. Dancefloor killer.

Dimension ‘All I Need’ – Again I love playing this one out. He’s got a great ear for melody which is shown to great effect on this one.

HTF: Any final messages?

K: Cheers for the interview

Measures EP is out on 21st October on MTA Recordings.

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