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HTF Announce: ‘Cypress X Rusko’ Rumours Confirmed True! (Audio)

News breaking in the world of music! Bought to you by Hit The Floor Magazine..

“I think dubstep is a natural progression of hip-hop, especially the way that we formulated it with Rusko, there’s definitely some roughness to it.” – Sen Dog

“We’ve always been the type of group to take chances on doing something radically different than what people expect from us. So this carries with the tradition of us going out of the box. If it’s not something that we embrace then we don’t dare mess with it and this is something we fell right into the pocket of,” – B-Real

HTF electronic can now officially announce the rumours of this new very exciting and intriguing collaboration to be TRUE!!!

Hip hop legends Cypress Hill and Dubstep DJ/Producer Rusko have finally announced their collaborative effort ‘Cypress Hill X Rusko’, out this April.
This 5 track EP is yet another new production in sound to bring to us in this, a new year.
The boys worked on the EP for a six month period, with Rusko joining Cypress in the studio for part, and sending tracks over email when his crazy schedule would take over which restricting him for being there in person. “It excited me so much when I received the acappellas because sometimes I’d been away for a week and I’d finally get a Wi-Fi connection,” says Rusko. “The excitement would keep me awake all night feverishly working on the track.”

As you’d expect from these long standing talents with many a’musical attribute, each song from this EP showcases a different side to the collaborators. “Lez Go” marries ominous with atmopspheric as Cypress‘ vocals somehow sound angelic! over Rusko’s harmonious synths. “Roll It, Light It” and “Stat Medicated” are the height in energy, up tempo club anthems. Whilst “Here From Day One” see’s a further collaboration with Damian Marley who brings the dancehall feel over a striking sliced beat. Finally we can also tell you about track “Shots Go Off”, this is the grimiest of the EP. Replacing drums with gunshots, “Shots Go Off” recalls classic Cypress Hill tracks “Lick A Shot” and “Cock The Hammer”.

A little different? Maybe. But anyone familiar with either or both artists and their albums should know that neither ever play inside the box, only ever outside.

Before you decide, you can listen to “Roll It, Light It” here with HTF and today download this track for free from the website link below.

Please give us your opinions, we’d love to hear what you think to this new, again, genre breaking collaboration!

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