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Grimes Hits Out At Sexism In Music

Grimes takes to tumblr to let people know what she thinks about sexism in music…

Canadian electro pop producer Grimes is a canny lass. Recently on her twitter feed she has been delighting the internet community with many-a witty comment such as ‘i’m obsessed with baby pigs‘ or ‘I want to be Kathryn Bigelow‘ (both of which are statements I wholly agree with) however this week Grimes real name Clare Boucher took to her extremely well followed tumblr to chew the cud on a more serious subject – sexism in the music industry.

In the lengthy rant, Grimes, often appreciated for her ‘light’ outlook on life pinpoints the ways in which she has felt the music industry and much of her times on her recent world tour has been severely marked by an inherent sexism and accepted chauvinism. She says:

‘I don’t want to be infantilized because I refuse to be sexualised I don’t want to be molested at shows or on the street by people who perceive me as an object that exists for their personal satisfaction’

She goes on to say how the music industry itself often doesn’t accept her as an artist in her own right stating: ‘I’m tired of men who aren’t professional or even accomplished musicians continually offering to ‘help me out’ (without being asked), as if I did this by accident and I’m gonna flounder without them. Or as if the fact that I’m a woman makes me incapable of using technology. I have never seen this kind of thing happen to any of my male peers.’

Word on the street is that Grimes is currently around two fifths into her new studio album having just finished her world tour – maybe we’re looking at a more serious Grimes for the future?

Either way, she’s making herelf known. Just don’t call her cute…

Read more of Grimes’ Tumblr post here

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