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Friction & Linguistics | Interview | NASS Festival 2014

We catch up with Friction and his MC at this years NASS Festival! Find out what he had to say here!


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Drum & Bass DJ, Friction (aka Ed Keeley), has become a bit of a legend over the years and is now one of biggest names on the scene. Not only does he present his own D&B show on BBC Radio 1, but he also runs his own label ‘Shogun Audio’, and has won numerous awards over the years including Best DJ at the MTV Romania Awards, to Best Radio Show at the Drum & Bass Awards, to name just a few

We caught up with the award winning DJ, along with his MC, Linguistics, at this years NASS Festival, where we find out a little bit more about the man himself, and what’s been going on in the life of one of Drum & Bass’s hottest properties!

You can check out more from Friction here:

HTF: So Friction how was your journey down to NASS? Was it good, comfortable?

F: Yeh the journey down to NASS was basically coming from about eight different countries, but its been a good journey, and we are ready to roll tonight! Looking forward to it!

HTF: So you say eight different countries, where have you been playing lately?

F: Erm, I’m gonna try and list them off! I’ve been to Ireland, two sets in Croatia, two sets at Glastonbury, the “mini-American” tour, Ibiza, Barcelona, couple of other ones in there, it’s been a bit mental, but it’s been good!

HTF: Brilliant! What future events are you looking forward to at the moment?

F: In the middle of about 30 festivals this summer, so its a bit crazy! But I always look forward to all different festivals, and just to able to travel around the world, and do my thing! Global Gathering is in a couple of weeks and always look forward to that! SW4 always look forward to that, and EXIT last year was so amazing!

HTF: Would you class that as your favourite?

F: Definitely one of the better ones, yeh! DOUR Festival, that’s always a good one!

HTF: We’ve seen you collaborate with likes of Total Science and Fourward recently for your ‘Versus Series’. Are there any other people you are lined up to work with at the moment?

F: Yeh the ‘Versus Series ‘ will continue! Thats basically because I’ve been doing a lot of production for people. A lot more “cross over radio” tracks as well. So the ‘Versus Series‘ is a way of getting in the studio with my mates, and roll out! Just basically write straight up dance floor/underground dance floor tracks. We’ve done the first one, looking forward to the second one, and I’m not going to mention any names of what I’m working on!

HTF: So you run your own label, ‘Shogun Audio’? Do you have any future signings for the label?

F: Nothing I’d say before the deal is done, but there is a lot that’s happening on Shogun! Lots going with the artists! I’m going to keep touring, and that’s all I can say really!

HTF: Who have you been working with label wise recently?

F: The most recent signing was Fourward, who are four guys from Austria, doing really, really big things! Also Joe Ford who’s been doing really big things. He’s got an EP due soon, actually featuring Linguistics!


Source: Official Facebook

HTF: So Linguistics, as well as Joe Ford, are there any other collaborations you want to tell us about? What else have you been up to?

L: Drum & Bass wise I’m working with a few people, but nothing to put out at the moment! I’m working with a lot of Hip-Hop at the moment and working on my EP which is basically all oldskool Hip-Hop beats, and me just doing my own take on them. I’m working on that now to be done hopefully by the end of the summer, and then after that, I’ll probably work with more Drum & Bass artists.

HTF: And finally, in your own words, what does NASS stand for?

L: Nearly Always Super Sick!

F: There you go that’s why he’s an MC, he is the voice of me!

HTF: Thank for your time Linguistics, and Friction!

Have a listen to Friction’s latest releases ‘Scatter‘, and ‘Battle Scars‘ below!

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