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Fred V & Grafix | Interview | May 2014

The Hospital Records Drum & Bass duo talk to us ahead of their two slots at Hideout Festival this year

Source: PR

You wouldn’t think of Devon as a pioneering county of Drum & Bass, yet recently the area has produced phenomenal sounds that have sent bassy waves across the country and worldwide, including the likes of Wilkinson. Ahead of the game and signed on to the famous heavyweight Drum & Bass label Hospital Records, Fred V & Grafix recently released their debut album, “Recognise” featuring 13 tracks of quality music. Their unique style has gained them worldwide recognition that has seen them play festivals around the world.

One of these festivals is the almighty Hideout, on the Island of Pag in Croatia. We talk to Fred V & Grafix ahead of their 2 festival slots, including a boat party that promises to be a highlight of the festival.

HTF: Hey! Nick from HTF here. How’s it going?
Fred V: We’re really good thanks, currently in a hotel room in Australia. Looking forward to visiting Croatia for the first time!

HTF: Can you tell us how Fred V & Grafix were formed?
Grafix: We were both producing music before we met each other, mainly Drum & Bass, and one of our good mutual friends linked us together and we began collaborating! This was about 6 years ago.

HTF: You’re from Exeter in Devon. How would you describe the Drum & Bass scene there?
Fred V: The scene in Exeter is great considering how small the population is! We are proud to have had such a great album launch party there with Camo & Krooked, London Elek and Metrik all making appearances. There is a great venue called The Cellar Door which is a nice intimate venue, The Phoenix is awesome for slightly larger nights. Both have Drum & Bass nights on a regular basis.

HTF: Are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with?
Grafix: Inside the Drum & Bass scene it would be great to do something with Wilkinson or Culture Shock. Outside it there’s too many great possibilities, but maybe someone like M83.

HTF: Who are your idols when it comes to mixing?
Fred V: I still love watching an Andy C set whenever I get the chance, he always smashes it!

HTF: …and production?
Fred V: Camo & Krooked and Noisia.

HTF: How would you describe your style?
Grafix: We have a couple of different styles that have dominated our sound of late. There is the spacey 80s Disco infused stuff, that tends to be based on a lot of twinkly arps on a bed of detuned bass synths – and then there’s the Indie Rocky, Guitar influenced stuff. In general, our music tends to be on the happier side of Drum & Bass!

HTF: What’s your ultimate dream?
Fred V: Tricky question! I think if we managed to make a live band work properly it would be great. We both come from live music backgrounds and play multiple instruments so I think we’d really enjoy it. A lot of the music we are currently working on is geared nicely towards being played live. I think playing on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury would be the ‘Ultimate Dream’!

HTF: What do you think the future of Drum & Bass holds?
Grafix: I think it’s a very exciting time to be involved with Drum & Bass. Now that dance music generally dominates the UK charts, it’s opened up a much bigger platform for Drum & Bass artists to showcase their stuff, getting chart success without changing your sound/selling out seems to be happening more and more, so it will be interesting to see where the genre is at in 10 years.

HTF: Who are your major influences on the Drum & Bass scene?
Fred V: The production idols I mentioned earlier, for sure. Also High Contrast, Logistics and Calibre are all people that really got us into Drum & Bass.

HTF: You’re confirmed for Hideout Festival this year. Is this your first time?
Fred V: Yes, we’ve never played in Croatia before so we are very exited. We’re arriving a day early to check it out. Come and party with us we’re really safe guys.

HTF: What are you most looking forward to there?
Grafix: The boat party with Wilkinson.

HTF: What are your top 3 tracks at the moment?
Fred V & Grafix:
Delta Heavy – The World Is Yours – We’ve been opening our sets with this a lot recently. It has a really nice atmospheric intro and a funky drop that sounds a bit like Culture Shock. Absolute winner!
Birdy – Wings (Nu:Logic Remix) – amazing remix from Nu:Logic. Can’t wait to play this at some festivals this summer.
Bmotion – All My Love – wicked new single from an up and comer called Bmotion, he’s got skills!

You can catch the Drum & Bass duo at Hideout Festival this year. Check out for more details.

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