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Frankee | Interview | April 2014

HTF catch up with Frankee after the release of his latest tracks Gully and Away. Read what he had to say here!

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Today we catch up with ‘RAM Records’ very own Frankee, after his latest release ‘Gully’ and ‘Away’.

When first signing his tracks to ‘Program’ in 2012, the London based Drum & Bass artist has released dance floor bangers that are still heard at nearly every event throughout the UK and the World. Last year he signed to one the biggest label in the industry ‘RAM Records’, and most recently was named ‘Best Breakthrough Producer’ at the Drum and Bass Awards 2014.

You can check out more from Frankee here or even his soundcloud.

HTF: What got you into drum & bass and why?

F: Back when I was about 12 (about 1997) some of my school mates were all talking about getting these things called decks. Being the inquisitive type I had to see what all the fuss was about. Little did I know how much they would take over my life, along with Drum and bass. I started going to local youth clubs, and any type of party I could get into. This then led me to meet some good friends who shared my passion. Basher is just one of those names.

HTF: Are there any other styles of electronic music you have produce?

F: I am predominately a drum and bass producer, but I always try out different tempos. I love to just sit there on the keys and jam, you know, just loose myself for hours sometimes. I think this is important as if I were to just be making bangers all day long. I would most certainly get bored. You can definitely expect some more experimental music from me in the future.

HTF In 2012 we saw you get your first tracks, ‘Firethorn’ and ‘Pandorum’ signed to Program. A year later saw you get signed to one of the biggest labels in the scene, ‘RAM Records’. How did that feel? Did you celebrate?

F: 2013 was just a massive party for me. I had accomplished something I had literally dreamed about when I was back at school. I can’t describe that feeling in words.

HTF: You have already worked with the likes of Basher and many other artists. Are there any other artists you would like to work with?

F: Me and Basher work really well as first and foremost we are old mates. Always going to be a good vibe. I really want to work with some more vocalists, I love a good vocal tune.

HTF: When it comes to mixing who would you say stands out the most? Who would you class your most favourite DJ?

F: Andy C

HTF: And who would you class your most favourite producer?

F: Calibre

HTF: Will we see you at any festivals this year?

F: Happy to say yes. I will be at ‘We Are Festival’ in May, ‘Nozstock’ and ‘Let It Roll’ in August, ‘Sunbeats; Ibiza’ in September. There are a few other very interesting ones coming in as we speak!

And finally, what plans do you have in the next 5 years? Any big changes to your DJ career that you’d like to tell us about?

F: Progressing and keep pushing myself to do the best I can. In the beginning of the year I added a 3rd deck to my performance setup, and moved over to the ‘USB Rekordbox’ system, which has worked wonders for my DJing.

You can check out Frankee’s new single ‘Gully/Away’ below, which is now available via Beatport, iTunes, RAM Records, and Drum & Bass Areana

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