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Four Tet Streams New Album ‘Beautiful Rewind’

Four Tet streams his new album for free. And it’s the best gift you’ve had since you got that furby that time.


Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet is my favourite guy right now. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because he has put his brand new album ‘Beautiful Rewind’ up on Soundcloud for us all to wrap our ears round.

Earlier this year he was quoted as saying “no pre order, no youtube trailers, no itunes stream, no spotify, no amazon deal, no charts, no bit coin deal, no last minute rick rubin,” when asked about the prospective project – certainly a breath of fresh air in this day and age.

And it’s good. Like, really good. Four Tet continues to be the most relevant UK producer out there. Without going into tooooooo much of a review, from the off, ‘Beautiful Rewind’ is a masterclass in how to make music. Bass-ey, beaty and experimental beyond words, you really need to hit play on that soundcloud link below. Then repeat. x1000.

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