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DJ Pierre – “EDM Is Not Seperate From House Music”

DJ Pierre lets his feelings about the EDM craze in an interview with The Fader – click here to find out more!

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DJ Pierre said that EDM was not separate to house music, and disputed the opinion that it only started only a few years ago.

When the Chicago pioneer was interviewed with The Fader, he was asked how the sub-genre has shaped the electronic music landscape.

“I think it definitely shaped techno and trance, you know, especially techno. All the rougher sounds didn’t start coming about until after acid house blew up. It brought a different way of thinking into the house music scene.

“You’ve got the whole tougher, so-called EDM side – I think you could say the origins of that sound start from acid house and, you know, acid house stemmed from house music.”

“I don’t agree with people acting as though this whole EDM thing started a few years ago. EDM culture is not separate from house music.

“It’s fine if people want to call it EDM, but I do believe if people take on championing the whole EDM cause, they need to know their history so we’re not killing the origins of where this music started. People are starting to think it didn’t start in Chicago, that it started somewhere else. It started here!”

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