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DJ Fresh | Interview | June 2014

We spoke to DJ Fresh about his latest single, plans for the year and what it’s like to be a DJ!

DJ Fresh

Source: PR

Daniel Stein, aka DJ Fresh, has been bringing us some of the finest electronic music on the scene since the late 90’s and HTF caught up with the man himself for a well needed chat. Most well known for his huge hit ‘Hot Right Now’, featuring Rita Ora, he has just released his latest single ‘Make U Bounce’ with TC, so we decided to find out more about the single, what his plans are for the rest of the year, and find out a bit about what it’s like to be DJ Fresh.

Check out the single below and you can get more updates from DJ Fresh over at


HTF: So, talking about the new single ‘Make U Bounce’, how did the collaboration with TC come about? Were you guys already friends?

DJF: I’ve been following Tom’s progress since he first started, and we’ve been talking for ages about doing something. We geek out on the phone together regularly about studio stuff. It’s great to be working on something with him.

HTF: You tend to collaborate with a lot of artists, do feel that working with others allows your music to reach out to a wider range of audiences?

DJF: The vibe of this project was studio showdown, like a friendly studio spar, so most of the tracks are collaborations.

HTF: Do you have any favourite collaborations? Who have been fantastic to work with?

DJF: Probably the next single with Ellie Goulding. It’s the first drum and bass track I’ve done for a while and I love working with Ellie. But I’ve worked with so many great people, it’s great mixing up ideas.

HTF: What do you feel makes your style of music so different from other D&B artists and DJ’s? How would you define it?

DJF: Well for a start I haven’t really made much Dnb for about 6/7 years and I don’t play much of it. I don’t know many people that mash it up as much as I do live, virtually everything I play is some kind of special version or crazy studio or live mash-up. Virtually everything is completely unique to the set. People often tweet me asking where to get the tracks, and my answer is ‘come and see the show again!’

HTF: This summer looks pretty hectic for you with all of your festival shows coming up! What do you hope to bring to your festival sets?

DJF: As above, the unexpected and crazy bass-tastic mayhem unrestricted by tempo or style.

HTF: Out all of your festival dates throughout Europe and the UK, which are you most excited about?

DJF: I’m off to Hungary to play to 40,000 people which I’m quite excited about. I will also be playing in Ibiza, Majorca and Kavos. I’m only doing a few UK festivals this year as I’m honing my new show and want to get it right before I hit the big festivals in the UK again next year.

HTF: Do you ever have a moment when you’re doing major festivals or tours, where you step back and just think “woah this is crazy”? Playing in front of thousands of people must be overwhelming?

DJF: All the time. I’m always surprised how natural it feels. I was so used to playing small shows back in my underground days I never expected to enjoy it so much. There’s just something spiritual and electric about that feeling of togetherness you get with a big crowd.

HTF: What has been your most surreal moment as a DJ?

DJF: Probably V festival in 2012 with my band, I’ve put that on hold and that was the last major show we did together. I think was (around) 30,000 (there).

HTF: Finally, what does 2014/early 2015 hold for DJ Fresh?

DJF: Finishing the new as yet untitled album and new singles ranging from drum and bass to slow jungle to full on dirty electro. A lot of bass I guess, in short.

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