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We Have A Chat With Fake Blood! “Sociopathic Bullshitting Narcissists #EDM” | Interview

We chat past, present and future with Fake Blood!

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Fake Blood, aka Theo Keating, is a London-based electronic producer previously been known for his work as one half of the famous late 90s/early 00’s club duo, Wiseguys. Currently promoting his latest EP entitled ‘Waiting’, which came out back in May of this year, Fake Blood has been lighting up clubs all around the world, and is now about to light up London on Friday 24th October at The Nest. You can grab your tickets right here!

We had a chat with Theo to chat about the past, the present, and the future!

Check out more from Fake Blood here –

HTF : Firstly, for anyone not in the know, what would be the best way to introduce someone to the musical world of Fake Blood?

FB: A member of the larger house and techno family, but a strange cousin from London who enjoys too many macabre films and books, and has a moustache.

HTF : Starting back in 2008, your single ‘Mars’ was obviously a pinnacle moment for you, would you say this is where things really took off?

FB: Yeah. I’d done some popular remixes before that, which started the whole thing building – but “Mars” was the tipping point. I was amazed at the response to that tune.

 HTF : How would you say the current electronic music scene (with the rise of EDM etc) compares to the late 90s/early 00’s era that saw acts like the Wiseguys rise to prominence?

FB: There are differences of course, but the core of it is still the same. People want to dance to music, and there are all kinds of places from big events to tiny parties for just that. Styles change (or come back), and the cloud of bullshit and PR has increased – but it’s basically the same animal. Although now we do have a particular breed of artist/DJ who are basically cut from the same cloth as city traders, conmen, etc  – sociopathic bullshitting narcissists #EDM ! Haha KEEP IT LIGHT, THEO.

HTF : You also have your own record label, Blood Music. Was the inception of Blood Music primarily for the release of Fake Blood material, or did you always want to sign and release music from other artists?

A: I didn’t put out any of my own music until the 28th release! It was always meant to be a platform for me to give wider exposure to artists / tracks I was sent or discovered, rather than something that was self-serving/self-promoting. But fuck it eh – why not put out one’s own tunes! Haha.

HTF : What direction do you hope to see Blood Music go in? Is there a long-term plan?

A: I don’t think I’ve ever had a long-term plan for anything in my entire life.

HTF : Who are some of your favourite current artists at the moment? 

A: The ones who aren’t arseholes.

HTF : Do you have any alternative forms of inspiration (art, literature etc) when it comes to Fake Blood’s music?

FB: The strange images I get from obscure dusty old albums – the imaginary worlds and background stories they conjure up in my head and films.

HTF : Being tech geeks here, what particular music software / hardware do you specifically record your material with?

FB: I have no studio gear at all. I have produced my entire career on two small monitors (no subs), no outboard, and a laptop. Software – who cares. It’s Coke vs Pepsi. This is probably heresy for a lot of people, but I’ve always believed it’s the person who makes the tune, not the kit. “All the gear, no idea” etc.

HTF : What advice could you offer to anyone looking to delve in to the world of music production?

A: Don’t obsess on the above. Experiment weirdly and leave in your mistakes. Thicken your skin. Take nothing personally.

HTF : Can you tell us more about your live shows that you have coming up for the rest of 2014? 

FB: I’ve got a few UK and Europe shows coming up, and then a US/Canada tour with Sinden in December.

HTF : Lastly, what does Fake Blood have to offer for the rest of 2014, and what can we expect in the very near future?

FB: Another EP, or maybe two. Something under a pseudonym. Just more tunes, basically. As I said, I never have a long-term plan!

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