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Celebrate Lucid’s 2nd Birthday Bonanza With French Fries, A1 Bassline & more!

Dust of your dancing shoes & dry clean your birthday suit in honour of Lucid’s 2nd birthday party at Corsica Studios this Friday alongside French Fries, Matt ‘ Jam’ Lamont, Chunky, Bodhi, Queenie & more! Read up about what it is to live Lucid here:

Whats better than a top notch, forward thinking music blog/radio station/bass cartel? All the above with a sprinkling of outer space! So ahead of the highly anticipate Lucid II party this friday 31st May at Corsica Studios and in honour of their 2nd anniversary. We had a catch up with the lovely lucid lot about how they went from the ones & twos to being two.

HTF: How was Lucid conceived?

We’d all been going to a lot of parties and nights like DMZ, Metalheadz and everything in-between together for a while and in 2010 we set up a little server and started broadcasting shows on our own internet radio station, aptly named Playedio. We spanned from London, Manchester, Norwich and Leeds and at the same time we were all experiencing, like everyone else, the whole progression from Dubstep to music that you couldn’t really put your finger on or give a name. We were witnessing a massively exciting point in time musically and got sucked in pretty fast.
It then became a natural progression to collaborate on a bigger project together and form something that expressed all of our varying interests under one glorious unifying banner.Our main ethos has always been about showcasing talent and we wanted Lucid to reflect this and present music and art that wasn’t bound by genres or styles.The name Lucid itself was born from its various connotations as well as our collective love for space, the universe and our boy Professor Brian Cox.
HTF: What are some of the highlights of the past 2 years?

Clubnight-wise, having the opportunity to present artists as varied as Kutmah to Kahn and Sully to Shadowchild. Our first birthday was a stand out, purely for the family hype on that one and since then we’ve gained some decent momentum with our residency at Rhythm Factory and built up a great vibe inside the club.

Three of us are also designers/illustrators and wanted to have a chance to showcase our friends’ artwork so we used to curate exhibitions in an intimate location of the venue while one of us played tunes on this all-in-one CD mixer from probably the late 17th century. It was a huge learning curve and a year later we we hosted an Ashes57 solo show with the LAVA Collective. We’ve got the utmost respect for Delphine, her own work and with the likes of DMZ, Swamp81 and Teklife – she definitely was and is a big influence on us and our approach to artwork.

Our guest Lucid Mix Series has also come along better than we ever hoped. We always wanted to make sure it was diverse enough to reflect our own various tastes within the crew and highlight all the good stuff coming out around the world. Some of our favourite mixes come from unheard talent as well as more known ones, from the UK and from as far as New Zealand and the US.
We also collaborated with our good friends Alice and Liz on a charity night back in December in aid of Cancer and in memory of our friend. We wanted to unite as many crews and artists in London that we felt were working towards a very similar ethos in UK underground dance music. The support for that was incredible and we met some rad people along the way- London’s always had a killer community!
Oh and the international sticker assault of many of the world capital cities has been much hype, we’ve got them on a palm tree in Brazil, a sex advice poster in Bangladesh, the streets of East Berlin, the Southern Island of Thailand and a number of anonymous locations which we’re forbidden to speak about.

HTF: How did you assemble such a stonking line-up?

Our usual nights follow a similar format where we aim to have extended sets from our headliners and make sure we don’t overcrowd the line ups so the artists have a chance to breathe and fully immerse the dance with their music. With Corsica Studios and its size we have the opportunity to make an exception and open this up a bit more. We all had an input on this one as usual, French Fries really stuck out as he’s a rare booking in the UK. As per with previous Lucid line-ups we wanted someone who’s been in the game a bit longer and adds a certain element of old school class and wizardry, so Matt Jam Lamont was an obvious no brainer on that front.
Our second wave of artists represent some of the finest upcoming talent currently on the UK and people that we feel have huge potential over the next few years. We wanted to pick a varied enough line up to

HTF: What are you most excited for on the night?

We haven’t done a party at Corsica before so its going to be a bit different for us. We’re looking forward to not having to do shifts on the door so we can all just join as one big megazord in the dance and enjoy the music together while being able to see all the people that have helped us to get to where we are now. Other than that we just want to see everyone have the best time and check French Fries et al dropping fat basslines all over rooms 1 and 2 while trying to set off as many party poppers as possible in quick succession from the DJ booth.

HTF: What’s next for Lucid?

We’ve got a lot of ideas we want to put into practice this year, the first of which will be our Lucid Tee Series kicking off shortly after the night. In a similar format to our mix series we’ll be featuring guest artists on fair-trade screenprinted t-shirts every few months and working with our good pals Peckham Print Studio.
We’re going to be doing more collaborations with our sickeningly talented friends and develop our side projects and the art collective side of Lucid, with plans to put some exhibitions together in the near future. We’ll be joining forces with the Troupe guys at XOYO again and we’re throwing some smaller more intimate vibe-outs including a night in a converted routemaster bus.
We’re keen to release some music under Lucid in the future but we all want to make sure it’s done right so aren’t rushing into anything just yet.

Get your tickets from Resident Advisor here & follow the crew over on their website // mixcloud // Facebook 

See you at Corsica!


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