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Calvin Harris – $46 Million Dollars Worth of Disco

Calvin Harris is worth a whole lot of wonga

Calvin Harris, the well known Scottish synth merchant has officially been named as the FOURTH RICHEST celebrity under 30 by Forbes Magazine, coming below only the likes of Gaga, Bieber and Taylor Swift, with an estimated wealth of $46 million or in Brit terms, £30 million squid. Crazy.

The 29 year old DJ, singer and producer has come a long way since 2007’s debut ‘I Created Disco‘ (for the record I’m pretty sure he didn’t create disco, but that’s just me), and it seems that recent hits such as ‘Lets Go’ featuring Chris Brown and ‘I Need Your Love’ starring Ellie Goulding have really upped Calvin’s pocket money!

Despite receiving quite a bit of stick for dodgy live vocals, Harris has managed to maintain a good reputation for live gigs, dedicating the last few years to purely playing DJ shows, and it’s clearly paid off. That combined with a flex of producer muscle for artists such as Rihanna has helped to put Calvin right at the Top of the money Pops.

And just to stick the boot in? He’s dating that well known little firecracker Rita Ora too. Oh Calvin, you’ve come quite the way since wearing those weird sunglasses and making everyone think they were born in the 80’s.

Well in mate, and er, lend us a tenner?

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