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11 Reasons Tomorrowland Is One Of The Greatest Festivals Ever!

Tomorrowland blew our minds! Here’s 10 reasons why…

Source: HTF / Chris Hines

1. The Stages

I bet the last time you went to a festival just the pure size of the stage was enough to impress. Well Tomorrowland brings festival stages to a whole new level. Over the years we have had everything from a giant bookcase, a huge sun and rainbow, and this years main stage took a steampunk-esque theme with huge cogs, a fiery furnace and it’s very own watermill. Not to mention the fact it’s absolutely huge and covered in more lasers, lights and fire than you will ever need.

Source: HTF / Chris Hines Source: HTF / Chris Hines

Away from the main stage the effort doesn’t drop either. Check out the craziness of this years Q-Dance stage. Last time we saw anything like that we were at a theme park.

Source: HTF / Chris Hines

And right down to the tiny stages, Tomorrowland still impresses with it’s bright lights and vibrant colours.

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