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DJ Khaled Goes Vegan – Major Key To Success!

DJ Khaled, you smart.

Source: Promo / Facebook

Source: Promo / Facebook

Snapchat mogul, DJ Khaled joins the forever growing list of celebrities who’ve turned to the vegan lifestyle – “another one” (in Khaled’s voice).

In a recent Snapchat story, Khaled announced that he’s doing a 22-day vegan challenge. He said to his followers “I’m officially going vegan right now – 22 days… I’m not playing. I’m challenging myself.” With the help of Marci Borges, who’s known to life-coach Jay’Z and Beyonce, Khaled will be eating an $627 meal plan which works out $28.50 a day. From what we’ve seen in his Snapchat story so far, our in-house vegans weren’t impressed with the microwave meals for that sort of money.

The vegan lifestyle seems to be picking up momentum, in the music and film industry especially. Household names like Miley Cyrus, Leonardo Decaprio, Ellie Goulding, Samuel L Jackson, Russell Simmons, Russell Brand, RZA, Waka Flocka Flame and many more are all vegan. Not to mention Andre 3000 who was vegan for 15 years, but recently has fallen off the wagon, as well as Jay and Beyonce leaning toward veganism.

It’s no surprise that Khaled has decided to challenge himself, after all, he’s constantly motivating fans to be healthier and strive for better lives in his stories. What better way to practice what he preaches than to put himself on a diet that has been scientifically proven repeatedly to be the healthiest diet for humans.

Although Khaled is currently on the road at SXSW, we hope that he shows his followers more fresh fruit and vegetables rather than these microwave meals. Hopefully, Khaled will feel the diet’s benefits and decide stick to it – follow him @DJKhaled305 on Snapchat and walk with him on his journey to veganism.

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