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How Easy Is It To Put On A Festival In The Snow? We Talk To The Director Of Horizon Festival!

We have a chat with Horizon festival director, Jack Robinson about what to expect at next year’s Festival.

Source: Promo

Source: Promo

With the fifth annual Horizon Festival coming up in a little over five months, we thought we’d catch up with festival director, Jack Robinson to talk about what they have to offer this year, and what we can come to expect from this successful boutique, snowy based event.

With Jack being the driving force behind such festivals as Outlook and Dimensions, we know we’re in safe hands, and there is a certain level of ‘wow’ that we’ve come to expect from his handiwork.

This year Horizon is actually moving house from its previous location in Bulgaria to Arinsal in Andorra Arinsal.

Jack explains that due to the far out location of the last set up, the festival site itself was spread out quite sparingly around the resort. Leaving some hotels and hostels up to 20 minutes walk from the festival activity.

Thankfully with the new location in Andorra, not only have they been able to take over the whole resort, but the proximity of the accommodation and the festival site are all right there on the doorstep. So with everyone being in one place it really will create a much closer knit community which can only be better for everyone.

Source: Promo

Source: Promo

“Arinsal is beautiful. When you’re up on top of the mountain, and you look around it’s a 360-degree view. It’s picture postcard perfect. And where we are looking at doing the main stage during the day – the views from there are amazing.”

With the rise of the winter sports and music festival hybrid, I was interested to hear what Jack promises to make Horizon different from the rest of the festivals that fall into this category.

“Some events are essentially just tacking a line-up onto a skiing holiday package. We’re not really into booking the same old faces – we want to book more of who’s actually doing well right now. It’s more of a forward thinking line-up, which is what we’ve done previously on Dimensions and Outlook Festival.”

Source: Ross Silcocks

Source: Ross Silcocks

Forever the advocate of the smaller and more intimate or one-off experiences on offer at a festival, I was trying to pry as much information out of Jack as I could to wet our appetites for what’s to come!

“It’s not about just putting a stage down and expecting 5000 people to come to it. Last year we took over various rooms in an abandoned hotel. We had a five-piece Bulgarian band in one room, a burlesque club in the basement, and house party style room in another. Then we even turned the restaurant into a big dance arena.

This year we are looking to create something similar. A labyrinth of experiences for people to go through. But enough to still have a big rave and a proper night out. It’s not just about seeing what’s going on; it’s also about getting involved.

Thankfully this year we have the opportunity to become more creative, as we are not going into an existing property and taking it over, but we can actually make and build it ourselves. There are a couple of old warehouses and abandoned buildings that we can use and create something from scratch.”

There was also the hush-hush promise of one-off secret parties, an intimate hot tub cinema on top of the mountain, food markets, paintball and loads more.

Apparently, last year even saw a selection of people not even buying ski passes, so that tells you that there’s definitely enough going on within the festival to satisfy everyone in the group, including the one who doesn’t ski!

Source: Ross Silcocks

Source: Ross Silcocks

Personally, I’m pretty psyched, and can’t wait to get myself to Andorra! The jury is still out as to whether I will brave the slopes to invent some form of full body skiing (sliding down the slopes on my face) but I think the call of the hot tubs and some much-needed R&R in between all the amazing parties will be better suited!

Horizon runs for 6 nights and 7 days from 26th March – 2nd April. And you can book your tickets and accommodation here now;

Keep your eyes peeled for even more coverage of Horizon in the coming months including some exciting artist interviews and that all-important second wave line-up release!

Don’t forget to check out the first wave line-up.

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