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BREAKING NEWS: Darude Admits His Darkest Secret!

Warning: This information could destroy EDM as we know it – we’ve all been lied to.

Source: Screenshot

Source: Screenshot

Darude is one of the few godfathers of EDM music, and emerging from the dark corners of Reddit we’ve learnt his whole career is built on a lie.

For those that don’t know who Darude is, then here’s a brief introduction. The Finnish DJ has arguably one of EDM’s most iconic tracks of all time, ‘Sandstorm‘. On the back of the underground rave scene in the 90’s, thousands of people flocked to Ibiza in the early 2000’s taking the energy and a more polished sound with them; this is where ‘Sandstorm‘ made its mark. Darude’s track became the anthem to people’s lives, whether that was on a party island or at Plainmoor Stadium as entrance music for lower Football League team Torquay United.

Fast forward to 2016 and the foundations that Darude help to build in Electronic Dance Music shatters thanks to a haunting truth; Darude has never been in a sandstorm. This dishearting information came to light after being asked if had ever tackled a storm in a Reddit AMA about his 41-years of experience of beat making.

He answered with a sharp “No” that tore through every music fans’ heart. Adding salt to the wounds, Darude went on to say “but [I have been in] a smaller one, dust devil, or whatever you want to call it…” Why does he continue to hurt us?

After shocking the music world he attempted to restore order to the universe, he went on to say: “AND, I’ve got a picture from a few years back, when I was landing in Arizona I believe it was, where I literally landed like few minutes a sandstorm blew thru the airport area, and you can see the edge on the pic. I tweeted something like “I’ve arrived” with the pic! :)” 

We scrolled through his Dad-like Twitter account and found nothing, but what can you expect? We’re sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but we felt like you guys at home deserve to know. Hopefully, we can all look past this terrible event and, maybe, one day forgive Darude.

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