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The World’s Most Boring Video With A Huge Message – ‘The Walk’ | Sponsored

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Source: Cordaid

Sponsored By The 7th Chamber

It’s hard to remember how lucky we are sometimes. When we fall ill and need to see a doctor it’s usually a walk down the road and a short car journey to get treatment. Unfortunately for others in the world, this is far from the case.

On December 12th a 12:12pm (CET), healthcare development organization Cordaid, will broadcast the world’s most boring video to the public. Two cameramen will film 26-year-old Chanceline from the Democratic Republic of Congo as she takes her walk to the doctors…….27 kilometers away and seven months pregnant.

Unlike us, Chanceline doesn’t have the option of public transport – and even if she did she couldn’t afford it – so will have to walk through the rain and searing heat to see her doctor. This is the reality for many people around the world and something that needs to change, fast!

David, one of the cameramen involved, said about the walk: “It was a hilly landscape, beautiful! But the weather changed constantly. Because of the rain, the road was very muddy and slippery. I have great respect for Chanceline; she has to take this journey, not only once, but five times during her pregnancy!”

December 12th is also United Nations Universal Health Coverage Day which looks to promote universal access to health care for everyone around the globe. Around 400 million people across the world don’t have access to essential heath care services and a third of households across Africa and Southeast Asia are forced to borrow money or sell their possessions to pay for their health bills. Cordaid are on a mission to make a change and make sure that everyone has accessible and affordable healthcare in all areas of the globe.

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Check out the trailer below and make sure to tune in to the event here –

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