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Most Popular Baby Names List: Strong Influence By Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad And Marvel

According to polls, some of the most popular baby names are influence by Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Marvel

Source: Marvel

On Friday 15 August, the UK’s most popular baby names list for 2013 came out, it revealed that our favourite TV shows and films have had a major influence.

Games of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Marvel movies were the influence for parents to name their newborns.

From Breaking Bad, Walter and Skyler White have had an effect on names since the series aired back in 2008. Last year, the name Skyler was given to 72 girls and 58 boys were named Walter.

Popular fantasy drama Games of Thrones  have had an impact on parents since 2011, with 11 Theons and six Tyrions appearing on the list. Other characters such as Tywin, Joffrey, Petyr and Varys have not yet been given to newborns.

Due to Marvel releasing film after film, 13 baby Thors entered the world and 37 Lokis are running loose.

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books have also had a strong influence, the name Ronnie has risen 15 places to number 90.

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