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The Game Of Thrones Series 5 Trailer Has Leaked!

Get a sneak peak at Game Of Thrones series 5 right here!

Source: Official Facebook Page

WARNING: Possible spoilers if you haven’t caught up yet. Obviously.

Recently people have been treated to the magnificence of Game of Thrones in incredible IMAX, and the last two episodes were debuted this week. Although it wasn’t just seeing one of the greatest TV shows of our time in incredible IMAX that drew people to the screens, as it was abundantly clear that the new trailer for series 5 would be included at the end. Loving the world we live in, of course it was immediately recorded and uploaded online for us all to see.

The end of series end gave us a number of different scenarios and questions that we’d have to wait to be answered, for example where would Varys and Tyrion end up after their escape? What of Arya and her travels across the narrow sea? We also have the emerging powers in the Boltons, The Greyjoys and the newly revitalised Sansa Stark.

Check out the video for series 5 below, and throw some interesting theories our way.

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