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What Should We Expect From Inbetweeners 2?

What Should We Expect From Inbetweeners 2?

Source: Inbetweeners 2

It is only a few days away before the highly anticipated sequel Inbetweeners 2. The famous four of Will, Simon, Neil and Jay will head to Australia for more tits, boobs, beer and ‘briefcase wanker’.

We look at what we can expect in the forthcoming film. The four actors Simon Bird (Will), Joe Thomas (Simon), James Buckley (Jay) and Blake Harrison (Neil) have said that moments in the second film will rival the first and they believe themselves that the script is much better and funnier. The first film was a surprising success, grossing around £58m.


1. Jay’s lies, cursing and everything else

Jay is the most vulgar of the group and we have known that since the first episode of the series. In the first film, the tally was high for the amount of times Jay said ‘clunge’ ‘pussy’ and ‘tits’ and we expect no different for this. Fans love Jay’s highly tasteless language and the founder of the ‘bus wanker’ term. Yet, we saw a side to Jay like no other in the first film. Becoming attached to the ‘fat girl’ he ridiculed at the beginning of the movie. While out in Oz, it should be the same old Jay.


2. The ‘Banter’

The classic banter that forms the back of the series will definitely return, whether that be drooling over Will’s mum or slamming Neil’s dad, the boys will no doubt joke between one another and at each other. The trailer showed us what to expect as the simple wordplay can leave audiences in stitches.


3. It Must Top The First Film

The first film was a huge success (even though some say that the TV series were still better). Regardless, it was highly entertaining and for a better success to occur, the sequel should out-do the first. From the trailer alone, some fans have said they already prefer the sequel, we just hope that like many other films, all the best parts are not in the trailer.


The Inbetweeners 2 will be released on August 6 and we cannot wait!

Check out the trailer below:

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