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Chris Packham Returns To UK After Police Questioning In Malta

Chris Packham returns to UK after police questioning in Malta over allegations of defamation by hunters accused of illegally slaughtering migrating birds.

Source: Springwatch

Springwatch host Chris Packham has returned to the UK after being detained by authorities in Malta.

Police reportedly questioned Packham after he was apprehended attempting to document the illegal hunting of migrating birds in the country. According to BBC News, Packham described the situation in Malta as an “avian apocalypse.”

The 52-year-old presenter was detained after hunters demanded that authorities investigate the allegations Packham laid against them in the footage shot.

Packham remained hopeful, stating that “Ultimately I want something positive to come out of this. The police seemed to me to be keen to develop a more co-operative working relationship with NGOs such as BirdLife Malta and the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS).”

The Springwatch presenter further added that “If that happens as a result of this questioning, then it will be a good outcome as it will lead to more successful prosecutions of illegal hunting activities.”

At the time of his arrest Packham was filming for his new series ‘Massacre On Migration’.

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