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Big Brother Eviction

Tonight’s The Night: Big Brother Eviction

Yet again, we look at who should go in tonight’s eviction of Big Brother. This week, like any other has had its own turns, twists and rule breaks.

Firstly, housemates were required to nominate face-to-face, this led to Christopher, Mark, Pav and Winston been put up for eviction. Then the power returned. The power of money. The power of money enabled housemates to add up to £25k to the winners prize fund. The nominated housemates could pick one of Ash, Ashleigh and Chris who each had a sealed envelope. Whom ever they picked, the number on their card would be added to the fund.

After picking Chris, he unveiled his card which had £10,000. The house then cheered with excitement after making a pact that the extra fund would be split between them.

So, after running through that, this weeks nominated housemates are; Chris, Christopher, Mark, Pav and Winston

Did we mention it is also a double eviction?

Who should go?!


Chris has been a great character in the house and has assisted Ashleigh brilliantly in helping her character come out. The little bitching sessions with Ashleigh has made good television, especially when Helen overheard them talking about her but missed all the positives. For favourite, Ashleigh to win and for someone to still not give in to Helen’s demands, Ashleigh will need support therefore Chris should stay.


After receiving some of the public perceptions of him, he has altered his behaviour and personality some what, the public and housemates have both noticed this. You can’t help but feel sorry for him as Mark pushes him around and treats him unfairly. Christopher is really nice guy and has been since the day he arrived which is why he deserves a place in the final.


Mark has changed quite a few opinions this week, and not for the best. Albeit he is a great character, he has been pushing Christopher around in the past few weeks. The public have seen this and quite frankly gone off him. The public voted him as the most fake and two-faced in a task which is why we expect (and why he should) be evicted tonight.


It looks to be curtains for Pav this week, after been nominated by every other housemate, it looks impossible that he will survive a double eviction. Not that Pav is an evil housemate, he just has entered with the wrong attitude. It has been a game for him completely, he has not really opened up and hasn’t got involved in the weeks he’s been in the house. With or without him, the house will be no different. We expect him to go.


It is very unlikely that Winston will leave. The public know that Winston is quite clever and maybe his ‘stupid’ exterior has become boring, regardless, he is a great character and is entertaining. He joined Ash and Helen, in breaking out of the house and into the Big Brother backstage areas which all housemates were punished for. It appears that Winston is very genuine and could well take the Big Brother crown.

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