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Big Brother: Eviction Night | Week 10

It’s time once again for the Big Brother: Eviction Night

Source: Big Brother

Thank Goode! Last week Steven Goode was (finally) evicted from the house and one more housemate will follow. It is that time of the week again. Eviction night.

Normal nominations returned to the Big Brother house this week and it will be curtains for one of Chris Wright, Pav Paul  and Zoe Birkett as they received the most votes and are up for eviction.

The power returned to the house but in a different fashion. The public were in control and could vote on one housemate to save. Ashleigh Coyle therefore was immune from this weeks eviction. The Irish teen has become an extremely loved housemate by the public in recent weeks and is favourite to claim the £100k cash prize.

We look at each housemate up for eviction and the reason why they should go:


Chris Wright:

‘Creepy’ Chris as the public voted him (in Thursday night’s show, we saw that the public thought Chris was the most creepiest housemate due to his relationship with Ashleigh). He is surprisingly the favourite go leave in tonight’s show. This week he had a private chat with Pav over him staring at Ashleigh leaving the housemates and public confused. He defended himself in the Diary Room talking directly to the public saying that he does not care how his friendship is perceived.  It could be the final straw for him.


Pavandeep Paul:

Ultimately the outcast in the house. He seems to be justifying every decision he makes as the rest of the house are careful around him due to his ‘game playing’. Although Pav does not really do much, he tries to be involved and you can’t help but feel for him. He is the biggest outsider to win and it could be better for the unlikely winner to leave and save himself from more exclusion.


Zoe Birkett: 

In this weeks task, when some housemates were asked to answer honestly about things they’ve done/said, Zoe had to justify what she meant by claiming that she’s above people who work in Tesco. The former Pop Idol contestant had a conversation with Ash and said: “If they’d put me in a House with normal people who are like, ‘I work in Tesco’ or whatever, that’s fair enough,” she said. “But I would have too many stories, too much life experience…”. It could cost Zoe her place in the house who has gone from loved to receiving a mixed reception.

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